I'm a 25 year old Canadian woman who is in committed relationship.. I love to read, and write.. Which is why I do role-plays. I love the colour green, love nature and love being by myself or around very few people. I prefer to be in a dimly lit room and no I'm not a vampire. Lol. I like playing PC games like Solitare and The Sims. I also have a 3DS that I constantly play and love to use. I'm a sucker for good plots to go with my role plays along with great characters. I've been on gaia for over five years, however I've been through many many accounts.. I'm a Sagittarius and Pagan. I often call myself a witch with no thought behind it, because I've always considered myself to be one. I don't care what people think about me being Pagan. It's my path, I choose it. I love it. I don't care what you say unless you say "Teach me! " Even if you say "I've always been curious.. can you answer this for me?" I'd be happy too but the minute you say something negative, I'm gone.

I love music, it helps me relax along with hot bubble baths and hot chocolate.I love watching movies, and love the alternative fashions.. I like to be different and be comfortable, and if those two things are possible than I'm down for it.

Right now my hair is Brown, with the under side being Coral blue/sea green and I have purple-ish pink bangs.

Just so you all know, My username Used to be:

For Gold in order to try and get all the pretty items that have come out in my absence.


Princess.Of.The.Darkness gave me:

Wed to darkness
Fairy Ring
Ace Meow
Bretelles domenique x3.
Caplet domenique
Rainbow Jubille
Polarbear paraplush
Twilight Sparkling skin
Spirited 2k10 snowflake belt.
spirited 2k10 snowflake stockings
Love wrapped
68000 gold. <3
200 K <3
Poet Macabre
Sad Pig Boy

Plastic Redemtion:

Devilish Sleeves.


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thank you for buying!! heart

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Oooh! Sounds pretty good :].

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I want to see Dark Shadows, what did you think of it?

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Not too bad over here. Bored and some-what tired. How was your fifth of November? :3

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Helloooooo fellow Canadian! How art thou? :3

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thanks for buying

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thx for buying!
looking very pretty on u!! emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart

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thanks for buying!!!
Young King under Heaven

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Young King under Heaven

Thank you for buying
Hana Matokai

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Hana Matokai

Hi. I should probably have replied to your PM a few days ago, but I've been a bit too busy for the past little while, since I had both an essay and a project on animation due and needed to spend the evenings working on that. I should probably have let you know before hand that I was busy, but I kept procrastinating on that point.

I don't think our roleplay is 100% dead in my mind, in that I'm still willing to work on it. But to be honest, I do have a bit more trouble with it than I normally do, mainly because I'm not used to writing antagonistic/romantic relationships. So if you don't mind me being a bit slow and sucky in that regard, we can get back to it if I haven't blown it.


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