My name is Tera and I do gymnastics at Elevate Gymnastics
Academy. It used to be called Byers Gymnastics Center in EG.
My birthday is October 24. I guess I like the internet.
I'm like 5 feet so, I'm short. I go to a ghetto/ratchet school.
I love tumblr. And I don't want to stop going on tumblr because
I get to express my feelings, I guess... I used to be a dancer when
I was 6, but I had to quit. Um, I'm pretty sure I did Hip Hop
. I guess you, when you meet me, I'm pretty quiet, but not sure.
I'm really different in real life, I guess. Um, I'm usually quiet
because I have social anxiety. I'm fine with everything else but
It's just hard for me to talk, I feel like I get offended with everything
I say. I try not to get into details in people's life but, I guess I do. Gaia
is a place where I can express myself, and same as tumblr. And,
what happened to EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD!


Hacuna Matata
hipster koala
Intensely Dreaming