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Report | 11/09/2015 6:04 pm


are you alive anymore?
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Report | 08/01/2014 1:02 pm

L l X l E

wizzy its been agessssss
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Report | 02/16/2014 4:37 pm


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Report | 02/03/2014 2:51 pm


Hey Wizler. :]
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Report | 11/30/2013 11:29 am


wizzzuuuuuuu are you around? x)

it's been forever rofl just wanted to stop by and say hullo smile i hope you've been doing nicely whee
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Report | 09/21/2013 10:03 am

L l X l E

o: its like you vanished. i havent seen you around in god knows how long
your alive right?

- Lixie
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Report | 05/10/2013 4:27 pm


xDD when you said break, I thought you meant physically razz and then was like "I want to try" ^_^ XDD OOooh sounds ermm...technical? Is it hard? fun? lol ooh and how long have you been doing it for? ^_^

Oooh I see biggrin Sounds fun ^_^ What do you actually do on a cruise? XD
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Report | 05/10/2013 4:26 pm


HAHA Wow that is so me.. so mixed up xD <3 So hows the Netherlands this time of year? xD

WELL, I quit because I was starting to feel really depressed at my job. I was a cashier and I was getting sick of the public.. I was getting crabbier and got in trouble and felt like I horrible person all the time. Then my boss was always on my back so I snapped one day and just quit in the middle of a shift.. Now I'm looking into Industrial Design (: Helping with designing objects.
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Report | 05/10/2013 4:15 pm


Well I quit my job a month ago and I've been looking for another since, but in my field of study (: It hasn't been soo bad, but I'm a little bit of a nervous wreck about bills and my saved up money drying up.

Oh cool n_n Busybusy. Didn't I read somewhere you're in the US now? :0 Maybe I'm mixing you up with someone else..? xD
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Report | 05/09/2013 4:00 pm


Goodies ^_^ I'm happy biggrin lol to be honest, I've never known what you actually do till now razz What does that involve by the way?
Woww where did you go? ^_^ Always nice to get away - better with friends ^_^ <3
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Report | 05/09/2013 1:12 pm


Not bad not bad! Looking for a job these days but still haha. Came back to gaia maybe three weeks ago xD Hanging around.

How about you? biggrin
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Report | 04/15/2013 9:11 pm


Hey Wiz (: Just wanted to say Hi!
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Report | 04/15/2013 5:33 pm


Stressed xD Working full time for parents at the moment. plus training to run a 5k in july (not impressive but I've been pretty slacking lately)

How are you? ^_^ <3
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Report | 04/14/2013 12:57 pm


Herrooo ninja heart
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Report | 03/27/2013 4:27 am


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Report | 03/03/2013 12:01 pm

Cupcake Mininu

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Report | 12/13/2012 1:22 pm

Menstrual Cramps

D'awww, Wizzy leaving love on Kittenpie's profile. SO QTPI. emotion_c8
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Report | 09/06/2012 3:16 pm


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Report | 06/19/2012 5:27 pm


Meant to leave these yesterday but mom made me work on visa stuff all night x 3x;;; Happy birthday <3 iluuuuu
Also waiting on a piece from BG Skully <3 And some other artists but I know how you love her art > w<

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Report | 05/06/2012 10:30 am


WIZLWEEEEEEEER still t he only person on Gaia i respect. ninja
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