There are a lot of different things which can be done to media. It can be cropped into the sizes shown below (but the "bar" size can be extended to be as long as you want). The color of the buttons can also be changed. Or if you want, you can hide the whole thing! (We try to encourage some sort of media control though, because hidden music that automatically plays is rather rude)



Hover over this!

This is our featured "special effects" sample, and one of the more popular requests -- "Tabbed Layouts"

These little tabs can be aligned to anywhere on your page (top, bottom, left, right, rotated, etc) and can extend to any sorts of heights. They're very useful for containing large amounts of content, and quite fun to play with!

Profile Credits:
PB&A Profile Shoppe

Please do not steal!! This code is for learning and example purposes only!
Any questions can be directed at Lady Saxophone or peanut butter and apples

P.S. If you haven't noticed, a lot of other things we can do are shown on this page. "Click to enter" buttons (we can also do "fade-in" effects), customization of the drop-down menu (Online/Offline bar), rounded corners, hover effects, etc. And that's not all! Feel free to dream big and ask us to try something new ~
Thank you for your time and patronage!


Gaia Header:
We can change the color of the logo, the transparency of the entire bar, and lots of other properties. With every order, there is a 99% chance that we will format the header so it matches the rest of your theme (unless you request otherwise)


Welcome to the
PB&A Profile Shoppe
Sample Profile!

This is basically just our little area to show off what kind of coding we are capable of, as well as give you an idea of what kinds of special effects you can ask for as a customer!

Have fun exploring!

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Thank you very much~!
o v o ) yeah, I was trying to find it, i thought it was like a cover or something >///<
Nice profile, by the way o u o
i use too many emojiis
murmurlade Report | 06/27/2014 5:08 am
c-could you tell me what's the music on your profile?
i-it's so preettyyyy emotion_kirakira
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No problem, enjoy!
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Hey, you should probably check your email. wink
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Welcome back from that 6-year hiatus! 3nodding
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Thank you for buying form my store
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mrgreen Thank you ~
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I am Chester_Burklight, an archer from Tales of Phantasia.
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Hi! But who are you?