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Fluffy Emo King Report | 11/19/2014 8:26 am
Fluffy Emo King
yeah, and because of the major im taking, i have to take 18 credit hours every semester and possibly one summer semester as well
Fluffy Emo King Report | 11/17/2014 6:18 am
Fluffy Emo King
seriously, especially while taking 18 credit hours...
Ma Ajmala Report | 11/14/2014 4:20 pm
Ma Ajmala
thats gaia for ya now gonk
horizontal desire Report | 11/14/2014 10:54 am
horizontal desire
heart Hiya, thanks for buyin' from me store heart
Fluffy Emo King Report | 11/14/2014 8:03 am
Fluffy Emo King
Well i had surgery about last month, but im doing better now. catching up on college stuff.
Fluffy Emo King Report | 11/13/2014 7:19 am
Fluffy Emo King
How have you been?
Fluffy Emo King Report | 11/10/2014 8:26 am
Fluffy Emo King
Hey! Long time no see!
Kitsune Archangel Report | 11/09/2014 8:49 am
Kitsune Archangel
Not a whole lot. I'm hoping I get this new job next week. And I finally got my license in the mail, which took forever.,
Kitsune Archangel Report | 11/08/2014 10:46 am
Kitsune Archangel
Just being random is all! nothing more. <3
Kitsune Archangel Report | 11/07/2014 2:56 pm
Kitsune Archangel