Lyrics of the moment:
From Les Miserables

There, out in the darkness
A fugitive running
Fallen from god
Fallen from grace
God be my witness
I never shall yield
Till we come face to face
Till we come face to face

He knows his way in the dark
Mine is the way of the Lord
And those who follow the path of the righteous
Shall have their reward
And if they fall
As Lucifer fell
The flame
The sword!

In your multitudes
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
With order and light
You are the sentinels
Silent and sure
Keeping watch in the night
Keeping watch in the night

You know your place in the sky
You hold your course and your aim
And each in your season
Returns and returns
And is always the same
And if you fall as Lucifer fell
You fall in flame!

And so it has been and so it is written
On the doorway to paradise
That those who falter and those who fall
Must pay the price!

Lord let me find him
That I may see him
Safe behind bars
I will never rest
Till then
This I swear
This I swear by the stars!

I used to have a whole bunch of info about me but most of it was just repeats from my interests, and to be honest it was a little pretentious so I just decided to get rid of it. I guess I'll still leave some into about the video games I like and some of my favorite characters from various fandoms.

Video Games: Phoenix Wright, Suikoden III & V, Xenosaga I and III, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Legendia, Ar Tonelico II, The World Ends with you, Knights of the Old Republic, Resident Evil 4, Star Fox 64, and Dragon Age: Origins.

ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH: Donatello of TMNT fame, Lina Inverse from Slayers, Wally West, Superboy/Conner Kent, Alastair from Dragon Age, Bolin from Legend of Korra, Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds


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Javier Cross

Report | 09/11/2014 5:01 pm

Javier Cross

So how have you been, to be sure?
Are you okay?
Javier Cross

Report | 09/06/2014 12:39 am

Javier Cross

Still, no denying that Homura Akemi is Boss, barring detailed spoilers outside of Tags, amen to that?

She more or less reminds me of Haseo himself if the genders are swapped, like I said before. ^.^'

I'd elaborate further with the Tags and save the differences(Aside from Genders.) for further comments if needed.

(Spoiler for both Haseo and Homura at the ready.)

Let's just say it starts with waking up at the Hospital, re-adjusting to the World, and meeting two Major Players in a Sharp-Shooter and a Pink-Haired Lady.

50K in gold for guessing whom I'd speak of for both the two, okay? ^.^

Also, ready to reply back to the PM?
Javier Cross

Report | 09/05/2014 3:28 pm

Javier Cross

Am I allowed to admit the following on Homura Akemi within The Main Madoka Magica Anime itself and
my thoughts regarding her?

As far as common grounds with anyone in the Dot Hack(.Hack) universe is concerned,
she reminds me of Haseo actually.
Just Swap the Genders.
Javier Cross

Report | 09/05/2014 11:19 am

Javier Cross

I accepted, hit me with a PM so I can share some ideas on where we can start, okay?
Javier Cross

Report | 09/05/2014 2:47 am

Javier Cross

Thank you so much for that much. crying

So can we get started with a few art requests of mine or so, if it's cool then?
I do believe I have quite a few in mind. redface
Javier Cross

Report | 07/11/2014 9:34 pm

Javier Cross

So can we talk by all means?
Javier Cross

Report | 07/04/2014 10:07 pm

Javier Cross

I am prepared to make an art request or two if it means anything.
So how many Philosopher's Caches would the art requests be worth, by any chance? sweatdrop
Javier Cross

Report | 06/13/2014 3:45 am

Javier Cross

So how available are you for art requests?
Javier Cross

Report | 05/21/2014 9:39 pm

Javier Cross

This regard of resource management can be a pain sometimes, agreed?

Well I will admit I was looking for artists and I felt sad that in terms of availability, the willing ones are not very commonplace anymore no matter how hard I tried. crying
Javier Cross

Report | 05/21/2014 9:21 pm

Javier Cross

Skin tones with the markers, is it possible to buy more markers?
Though tablet loss is harder to fight against It seems.


If you had more resources, you would have joined in opposition against this haywire inflation, right?
There is really no Rhyme nor Reason why the prices are so haywire, that the Role-players on Gaia along with the artists are paying dearly for it.


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