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Never was good at these things, but here goes: I was born July 12, 1988 and am currently 24 years old. I'm usually pretty quiet and keep to myself, but if caught in the right subject, or brought into a rant, I'm quite the opposite, though generally, how talkative I am depends on how I'm currently feeling. I like to spend more time listening than speaking anyway, I've always enjoyed hearing people talk (except for the few that bore me). I can be very generous at times, especially when in a good mood and or too those people I like (nasty habit of spoiling my friends), however I hate begging, I find it very insulting. There's a few special cases I don't mind, but in general, I don't like it. A few good outlines of my personality are descriptions of Dragon sign people and Cancer sign people, as I'm both. Also, if you've ever read "The Tale of Custard The Dragon," you will note the likeness for those who've known me longer. I'm very forgiving, though by the same token will hold a grudge indefinitely until the matter is addressed and talked out. I rarely forget that a fault was made, however I don't always remember the fine details, if not right away, only that it happened. The best way to get to know me is to ask questions, if I don't answer the first time, ask again later, sometimes the words just don't come for me, or sometimes you just need to build a little more trust first. Just never be afraid, it annoys me and generally makes things worse if it's something important.

That's it for now, may add more later, maybe not. If it looks bigger, you'll know. >.<

Personal Quotes

"Better to have tried and failed than to not try at all"

"Knowledge means nothing without the right experience to aid it"

"Some people are like geodes, plain and ugly at first glance, hollow feeling even, but if you ever got the chance to see them on the inside, you'd see they're more beautiful than you could ever imagine"

"The sweetest persuasion is done with a silent tongue"


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NightmareX72 Report | 06/24/2013 3:35 pm
Hell yeah, lol. Wanted a change of pace, so I decided to try a new look.
Kenny7277 Report | 07/30/2012 7:34 pm
Ms Coral Report | 04/10/2012 2:34 pm
Ms Coral
I always stalk my prey. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHaHhahahaA!!!!
Ms Coral Report | 03/18/2012 12:13 pm
Ms Coral
Life is beautiful..... idea *stalks to your house* ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja .....*opens door* Hello? *walks slowly in* ^creak^ *jumps* Wahh!!! gonk
Hanyakuza Report | 03/01/2012 3:36 am
Ha..hehehe There is no problem
dabestkitty Report | 03/01/2012 2:35 am
ur welcum... xd blaugh
Slineju Report | 02/29/2012 5:31 am
No Problems n_n biggrin
tzumii-chan Report | 02/24/2012 12:52 am
your very welcome =)
Phantomchild3 Report | 02/19/2012 4:00 pm
Hey that'd be cool
Ditching Noble Report | 02/18/2012 10:59 am
Ditching Noble
oh your very welcomes c:

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