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Sindeadra Nightingale Report | 09/02/2014 12:28 pm
Sindeadra Nightingale
it ok I olny need hells mistress and All-Star Cheer: Sapphire Skulls then my avies done
Sindeadra Nightingale Report | 09/02/2014 12:18 pm
Sindeadra Nightingale
Sindeadra Nightingale Report | 09/02/2014 11:50 am
Sindeadra Nightingale
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Black Body Dye
Persephone (Iron Queen's Beauty)
Hell's Mistress (Hair)
Topaz Diamond Dog (Light Muzzle)
Shadow Huntress (Strappy Garment)
Piani-ture (Piano Key Shoes)
All-Star Cheer: Sapphire Skulls (Skirt)
Sindeadra Nightingale Report | 09/02/2014 11:28 am
Sindeadra Nightingale
trying to get hells mistress item
Sindeadra Nightingale Report | 09/02/2014 11:13 am
Sindeadra Nightingale
hi how are you
BlueMoon201 Report | 08/26/2014 10:03 am
O.O how come I'm not on your profile
Kuro-yuki xxx Report | 08/21/2014 3:44 pm
Kuro-yuki xxx
your welcome and love you too ^-^ heart
Kuro-yuki xxx Report | 08/19/2014 8:11 am
Kuro-yuki xxx
and you look handsom as always babe ^^ <3
Kuro-yuki xxx Report | 08/07/2014 5:55 am
Kuro-yuki xxx
I hope you find one ^^ its hard to get a job these days >.<
Kuro-yuki xxx Report | 07/28/2014 6:36 am
Kuro-yuki xxx
lol Jay (bluemoon201) is right :3 that's what I'm doing and my friends say Hi ^-^

RainbowDash is gay

About me

Hi my name is Derrick
im 6.3 or 6.5 (its one of those)
eye color: Brown
hair color: Brown,black,and silver
Likes: video game, movies, onlines games, ect
hobbies: playin video games, working hard, helpin others,makein new friends, ad listen to music
Music: I like all kinds as long as its good
Movies: I love horror movies

I love Anime my fav is case closed, chobit, chibi vampire, and some others idk there names
im a furry lover xD
dont like it kiss my ******** a**
fallen phoenix100
Kuro-yuki xxx

by:DyeMeister Thanks You for the picture ^^

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Friendliest person iv even met ^^ a true friend :D