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Kyt0s on 07/22/2014


About William Kuun~


Age: 19
Birthday: May 14
Job: Tutor.
Relationship: Single. (9th December 2013)
I'm an Australian/Asian. (Australasian huehuehue)
Father is British/Japanese, whilst my Mother is Vietnamese/Aussie.
As you all know I'm William, I'm roughly 185cm tall.

[Extra Deets]
Hobbies: Making music, Martial arts, Anything art related and listening to music.
Favourite food: Anything Japanese.
Favourite genre: Anything with a mellow beat in it.
Favourite thing to do: Hanging out with my friends and family, I love them.
Favourite motto:
"Strangers are Friends we have yet to meet, and Friends are family that we choose."

Anyhoes, feel free to add me, chat, or comment anything on my wall.
I hope to see you guys soon and get to know you guys.

~William xoxo


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