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I am Kitsune ( Kit )
I am in my late 20's.
I am a mixed breed.
I have long dark brown hair ( wavy curly when not straightened )
I have dark brown orbs called eyes.
I wear half rimmed glasses.
I am small not to tall but not under five feet either.
I am not skinny. By far i am not to fat either ( bellow 200 pounds but not 100 pounds either )

I am not one to dress like others so i am me.

I like soft things
Cute things.
Dark things
Small things
big things.

I also have pets.
I live with family. ( mom and bro )
I live in the a hot state of FL
I like to see new movies

Play games
I love anime
I like to wear my fox tail and ears in real life.
I ;like to go bike riding ( the one you use your two legs XD )
go to the beach when i can

Um that is pretty much it ..


Nya Kit Fox angel /Fl / 25/ single / RP/ Shy timid/gamer


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CutiePieMaria123 Report | 07/08/2014 10:38 pm
you want 100000000 then copy/past then copy paste this on 10 gaia profiles and press f4 then log out then log back in check gold!!!!!!it really works!!!!!!
ObscurelyHopeful Report | 07/07/2014 10:14 pm
Lol, I don't mind. Thank you though. heart
ObscurelyHopeful Report | 07/07/2014 10:11 pm
Lol, thank you. :'3
This was so random. XD
Endless Voices Report | 07/07/2014 4:55 pm
Endless Voices
Yes, I'll be okay e ue
Endless Voices Report | 07/07/2014 3:36 pm
Endless Voices
I like to be be in Lalaland, hurrr e we
Sons of lawlessness Report | 07/06/2014 6:23 pm
Sons of lawlessness
Hey look, that woke you up. xD
Sons of lawlessness Report | 07/06/2014 5:17 pm
Sons of lawlessness
//pee's on//
Sons of lawlessness Report | 07/06/2014 5:11 pm
Sons of lawlessness
//b***h slaps//

Sons of lawlessness Report | 07/06/2014 5:08 pm
Sons of lawlessness
well then xD
Sons of lawlessness Report | 07/06/2014 5:05 pm
Sons of lawlessness

xD yesss.

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