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Just a few random things.



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Report | 08/01/2015 1:42 pm


I tried drinking a handful of times last year to experiment, but it never felt good for me? It's like I skip right past the happy-sad-angry stages and go instantly into puking and falling asleep. I tried drinking both higher concentrations really quickly to drinking lower concentrations really slowly. Both give me no pleasure at at all. So I've given up on it for now. Besides, not drinking will probably save me lots of money in my lifetime, haha.

I don't know much about Kevin Bacon, but I liked his character in Footloose. Btw, I meant to say that Yusuke reminds me of the main character of Footloose, not Kevin Bacon. I forgot that Kevin Bacon is the actor, not the character. xD

I'm a fan! emotion_kirakira I watched HxH subbed, but YYH dubbed. I agree that sub is usually better for most anime, but the YYH is an exception. Initially, I watched YYH subbed and found it so boring I quit the series after a few episodes. Now, a year later, I'm trying the dubbed version and I can tell you the dub makes the series so much more exciting. I didn't know voice acting could make such a difference till now.

I've never watched Jigoku Shoujo, sorry. ;o; Uhh I do like the horror anime Mirai Nikki "Future Diary". I love and despise the two main characters. They're despicable people, but they give the show its umph factor.

I laughed my a** off during Insidious 2 and Paranormal Activity. xD My friends thought I was crazy, hehe. Hitchcock! <3

Oh yaaa, Integrity was what it was called. *u* LOL, which I apparently don't have. xD But there's no use for the sweetheart ring anymore. o:

Report | 08/01/2015 9:04 am


That long drag does look super sexy. Ya, I'm one of those ppl who think smoking is sexy, but I'll also never touch a cigarette in my life cause I'm also a health nut. xD

I thought for sure HxH 2011 was all one long season (if you count 148 episodes as being long, which it really isn't compared to other shounen). I like Kurapika and Killua slightly more than Kurama and Hiei, but Yusuke and Kuwabara are amaaaazing, of which a huge part can be credited to their dubbed voice actors. Also, Yusuke's fashion sense looks like something from the 80s or 90s. xDDD Those jeans and sneakers! And his jackets and shirts. Same with Boton's outfits. I just pretend that Yusuke is an anime version of Kevin Bacon.

Horror in anime feels very different from in movies. o3o Even their cliches are very different, imo.

I used to really love horror movies, but now I find most horror not that scary and laugh at them instead. xDDD But I love The Shining. <3 And Hitchcock's works too, if you count them as horror. Lol you trickster! Not gonna fall for your angel act.

*borrows your items forever* I change my mind, you are an angel! ^O^

But there were 2 rings you could get, and you could only get one or the other, not both. One was the abuse ring, which lowers ur stats when u equip it, and another was some sort of stat boost ring or something like that. I remember the abuse ring was to punish certain zOMGers for abusing something in zOMG that wasn't meant to be exploited but got exploited by greedy Gaians anyways, like me. xD I just don't remember what it was that I exploited. I never got to meet Kamilla either. D:

Report | 07/31/2015 2:51 pm


What's the black thingie in your avi's mouth called? It's such an old, popular item. I want one in my avi's mouth too.

Wow, first time in my life someone thought my avi was cool. *u* This month, someone irl told me that I was cool for the first time ever too. It's a great month! xDDD

I forgot about ghosting. xD I remember there used to be rumors that ghosting could get users banned? Be careful. >o>

Have you ever watched Hunter x Hunter? It's been my #1 fav anime for over 2 years now , so I thought I would try YYH, since they're by the same mangaka. (I started watching anime 6 years). The dubbed version of YYH is FANTASTIC. I've never heard such epic dubbed voice acting before! Also, I think that the YYH characters Hiei and Kurama have almost the exact same personalities/feels/appearances as the Hunter x Hunter characters Killua and Kurapika. xD It's like I'm watching an alternate universe with the two characters.

I like supernatural anything. :'D I can also watch action, adventure, fantasy, or slice of life by themselves without the supernatural aspect. I also like shounen. I usually don't like romcom, with the exception of Ouran High School Host Club. Sorry, I haven't watched Chihayafuru or Cardcaptor Sakura.

Almost all of my fav non-anime movies have the triple combination of thriller+crime+drama tho, with some also having mystery and/or horror in addition. Gosh, I didn't realize I was such a dark person. D:

Oh, you dumped your whole invo on me? Well, I'll make it small and tidy for you, no problem...by taking half of your items and stuffing them into my invo! ^O^

I forgot that PS glitch existed. xD I did exploit it before. I think that was the reason I got the "abuse" ring...or was it for another reason? Can't remember. >O<

Report | 07/29/2015 3:26 pm


Haha thanks! I'm so surprised. I've been getting a lot of compliments on it. WOOHOO that's the first time anyone has called my avi "cool" instead of "cute" tho. I gotta mark this date on my calendar! Ahaha. Man, Gaia is so evil tho - forcing my wishlist to grow and I to slave for these items. (It's definitely not my fault, I'm definitely not greedy, nope, don't know what greed means.)

I don't think I own any of your avi's items, so there's no way I can try to match you. xD

I love anime to death, but I'm bad at pacing manga, so I don't read manga. I flip through the pages faster than they are meant to be flipped. >o< I haven't watched the live-action Death Note, but I remember my classmates being excited about it when it came out so many years ago. The only magical girl anime I've watched are Madoka Magica and Binan, which is actually a gay, slice-of-life, magical boy anime that parodies magical girl anime. It's the funniest anime I've watched yet, hehe. Well I didn't like Madoka Magica...I just wanted to complain to someone about how I got the soundtrack stuck in my head. xDDD I've watched Shugo Chara, but didn't like it. I think I watched it was I was older than the intended audience age. What genre do you like?

I only got about 11 of my rings to 12.0, but I was happy enough with that and always equipped 10 out of those 11 rings so my overall level always read 12.0 to other users. xD No one can see my entire inventory except I, so it gave off the impression that all my rings were 12.0. If they asked me to equip a ring that was only 10.0, then I would use the "swap ring level" option in the null chamber with my one extra 12.0 ring, ahaha. ^O^ Like I said, it's almost the same with my avi inventory as well. What I have equipped right now is pretty much my entire inventory.

I hung out more often at PS "Papa Saw" or Saw Mill than smob/smeb tho. I miss being in clans and getting to be the leader of your 6 member group. @_@ Or was it 5? D:

Report | 07/28/2015 8:17 pm


So I might risk sound like a broken record, but I honestly can't remember if I've complimented your current red/black avi or not. Anyways, I like it. xD

Do you watch anime? I just watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica for the first time ever today, and got that music stuck in my head. D:

I remember you were a 12.0 zOMG player. Lol I know, it's weird what I remember. I can't remember what the name of that cave was, the one with the vampires where u could get black orbs to max up your ring levels beyond 10.0, but that was one of the funnest places to play in zOMG. Anyways, why don't you sell your obs tho? o:
Demoness Ryoko

Report | 07/28/2015 1:11 pm

Demoness Ryoko

Something Like it I was gone cause of the studies xD I came to see this awful prices and everything changed , no Zomg :/ ,I am like 50/50 right now looking for a job and here in gaia xD frustrated poor and looking for items xD that don't appear ever!!! xD
Demoness Ryoko

Report | 07/26/2015 2:38 pm

Demoness Ryoko

Hello! Long Time No Talk <3 Saw you Online and wanted to say hi , hope you are doing well heart

Report | 07/24/2015 5:48 pm


I do brush twice a day, every day, with floss, but still get cavities. >O<
Well, my teeth never hurt, even when I get cavities. I guess my dentists spot them really early so they don't get so bad that they hurt?
I thought my inventory was a normal size until I started seeing screenshots of other people's inventories. xD Now I think I'm actually abnormal in how tiny my inventory is. Yours is probably more similar to other people's.
O: You still have all of your zOMG stuff???? I sold all of that when I learned that zOMG wasn't coming back.
Flufffy Tiger

Report | 07/23/2015 12:41 pm

Flufffy Tiger

aww youre still sick? :C
If i have healing powers, I would use them on you hehe
yeah i go back to school on Aug 10th.. ;o; myy goddd
but we got out of school like at the end of may so
Flufffy Tiger

Report | 07/22/2015 9:35 am

Flufffy Tiger

havent been on for a week lol
i was litterally out all week with friends
also, was suppose to hang with more friends today too
but got lazy and wanted to stay home and relax~~
well more like i have to do my ap assignments my god.
summer has gone by so fast wth..
but how are you? c:


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