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Minaku Akiru Report | 11/18/2015 7:12 pm
Minaku Akiru
whaaa? whispy you perv!!!!
Minaku Akiru Report | 11/18/2015 10:59 am
Minaku Akiru
But i'm not wearing pants. SO MEAN TO ME!!!!
Minaku Akiru Report | 11/18/2015 9:48 am
Minaku Akiru
MEANIE!!!!! i'm a nerd so what...
Nking Report | 11/14/2015 3:28 pm
Im surprised that you did not notice i was joking eek
Ah, steam yeah.
Finding what one wants to advance in life means to try many things before one can find a path. Getting it right the first time is just pure luck.
Just dont forget to take care of yourself so you dont burn the energy for your studies and passion for what you may become when its done smile
Nking Report | 11/11/2015 3:04 pm
Helluw Whispy heart
"Taken to you forever"?! I never knew i was taken by someone or in a regular basis rofl rofl But yeah, it was a while since our last chat.
Well...making bad puns/jokes, being akward even for veterans while being the average guy one loves and hate rolleyes So im doing rather well but missing my hangout.
How has your days being this past months?
Minaku Akiru Report | 11/08/2015 9:18 pm
Minaku Akiru
i want a 2nd one because i LOVE the story!!!! those are the type of games i love to death!!
Minaku Akiru Report | 11/08/2015 6:57 pm
Minaku Akiru
lol i want a second one.
KUIKEL DER HEXENMEISTER Report | 10/30/2015 3:21 pm
*mwa*♥ yum_pizza
jonjon21428 Report | 10/06/2015 7:14 pm
Aeon of Forever Report | 09/11/2015 8:45 pm
Aeon of Forever
Thank you dear. heart
And thanks for all the help with the codes.


My name is Shana, I'm 22 years old and Belgian.
I have a high school degree in Publicity and Illustration,
and after trying Game Art and Design for a year,
I am now studying as Concept Artist and later Game Environment Artist Game animation.
I'm a bit chaotic and very dogmatic.
I am slightly obsessed with Psychology.
I spend 90% of my free time playing games.
Since a few years ago I started collecting weird things people say.
I like to read them when I'm feeling down because they never fail to make me laugh.
I played zOMG!.

I'm TasteChaos' Gaia-husband 'cause she's the best,
also secretly engaged to xXSatansHomicidalManiacXx
But shhh, Tats can't know!


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