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About Me

Rhyme, some call me Crescend. Gaia cash-free made billionaire. Neutral pronouns. Biologically female. 21. German American. I speak many languages so pardon mistakes. Primarily German/English. I hoard equip items and actively quest my wishlist. I do commissions for avatars starting at 200mil each. See my artblog for examples of avatar art: www.rhymedraws.tumblr.com/tagged/gaia-doodles
If we share interests see my main blog: blueslight.tumblr.com
Thank you for stopping by~!

Also if you would like to, please try my shop. I list at the lowest Marketprice when I list my offers. If they are no longer lowest simply PM me and I will gladly trade them to you for a lower price (within reason of course; I cannot cut prices too much). I also trade items for items.
I collect town's trash and bugs so as to sell on my market at low prices. I take donations of course but also offer payment for them!

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