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jevester Report | 09/07/2017 9:47 am
i got carried away and just played it for 7 hours straight somehow, plus the grid background kind of helps? i still have trouble with the 20-30s part of it cause i cant react as fast
jevester Report | 09/07/2017 1:13 am
this is the only thing i got going for me in life man orz
xMrs Daddy Report | 08/25/2017 12:51 pm
xMrs Daddy
Take all the time you needdd ♥♥
Spend all the time you can with chur bae~~
xMr Daddy Report | 08/14/2017 3:44 pm
xMr Daddy
Used to play since release, but getting back into it is quite frustrating. You two should start with level 1 rings to feel the experience like you're supposed to experience it with, you silly things. We'll be on a little later if you'd like to jump in for awhile. She's almost 10.0, I'm almost a 5.0 thanks to Sha-- looks like a fun double date.
xMr Daddy Report | 08/14/2017 3:32 pm
xMr Daddy
Not quite, unfortunately waiting for the trading pass to go through. So I heard that you and Won were into zOMG, how long have you two been playing?
xMrs Daddy Report | 08/11/2017 5:47 pm
xMrs Daddy
Sorry, I went out to tim hortons lol
I'm watching Lego Batman with mister now =w=

is zOMG! a good money maker now or just something to do?
xMrs Daddy Report | 08/11/2017 4:00 pm
xMrs Daddy
Gigigiiiiiiiii~~~ ♥♥♥
CR-Chan Toyotsu Report | 07/04/2014 3:49 am
CR-Chan Toyotsu
Hai twin !! biggrin
Angelle VX Report | 07/03/2014 5:20 pm
Angelle VX
→ × アンジェルが

I'm dying right now
sleepy and head hurts

For some reason, something this week made me want to go to your house LOL


と言いました。 × ←
mangaeater Report | 06/17/2014 4:48 am
Okay I'll add you. ^_^ and I'm pretty good school just ended and now I'm in summer break. cx but I'm starting to work now and it's exhausting. How about you?

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