Hey there~
Hmm, there's really nothing much to say about me but I guess I'll try.
I'm 14 and I really like to draw and create stories, perhaps the reason why I draw is to make the characters in my story alive -- or just make them feel as though they really are alive.

✖ I'm a huge anime fanatic. jkhlgjdgf

✖ I'm also very interested in language -- European mostly. =u=

✖ I'm very awkward.

✖ I cosplay -- well, crossplay, I don't really cosplay girls but I am as straight as uncooked spaghetti.

✖ I'm small-ish //weeps

✖ I spend most of my time sleeping just 'cause

✖ I hate the outdoors //sneezes

✖And last but not least... i really like yaoi

Well, I guess that's all there is~!
See ya, folks!


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Hows the Contest going?

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Can I have a drawing of yours?
Psycho Ice

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Psycho Ice

Good luuuuuuuuck ;D

Psycho Ice

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Psycho Ice

Pffft. I've been offered like 10mil for my crap. I be like whoa. No pls. sdfsfsdf
I pay like 200k/1k or 2k words in the writing shops or 20g/50g gold per word. Unless stated otherwise. i'm not made of gold XD

Psycho Ice

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Psycho Ice

Yeaaah, inflation has hit BIG. It's craaaazy

Psycho Ice

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Psycho Ice

I posted sexy yaois in the thread and some ding dong must have reported me xD

Psycho Ice

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Psycho Ice

Woman, omg don't ignore meeeee.


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User Image
User ImageHey, just wanted to know if you received my note about your commission. Please message me back if you've received it and what you thought. :3 yum_cupcake

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Oh..no it's ok hun ^^

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V-V It's almost Christmas and I wish I could get you something D:


Was Crayola Poopsu


Looking for romance/fluff writers. Pls PM me

I like random PMs.
I ship Eren x Levi. Hard.
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