hi hello bonjour

23 / f / canada
i am what u are lookin for
i will call u on ur cellphone #bling


follow me
make me famous pls


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Bobby Jett

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Bobby Jett

Awesimus Prime

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Awesimus Prime

Awesimus Prime

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Awesimus Prime

Skype fran

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word up

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his look doesn't do anything for you?

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the dude is allan rayman!
another toronto music man
enjoy the pool in your pants from him
haha if you like him at all

im really sleepy

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im really sleepy

im really sleepy

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im really sleepy

a couple of the older ones were taken with a canon rebel t3i but i sold that a couple months ago
most of them were taken with my phone yeah, i use vsco cam and afterlight to edit them

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There is nothing wrong with that. We all have our interests!
LOL I reallllly need to work on that then. Cause it is just total nodding for me!
Yup. And then you have to fork over hundreds of dollars for a new system like every year just to keep up.
Unless you have a badass and expensive PC to game on.

Omggggg. That sounds really awesome right now but I'm so broke till like Friday. And I bet the offer will be over by then!
Still will prob order pizza though not going to lie. Papa Johns is my favorite out of the three of them. ;u;
I live in Tennessee sadly. It's gorgeous scenery, but the people kind of kill it for the most part. There is a ton of bigotry here.

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I am very allergic to cats. But I fight it because I love mine too much. lol
It's not as bad as it used to be, I think you grow immunity over time? Not positive on that one.
Still gets bad when I'm already sniffly though haha.
You feel my pain!!!
It's like a cute wii Zelda game. It's a much older one.
I can't keep up with all the new games and such, I don't even try. My a** is way too broke for that s**t.
All my friends are gamers though so it can be a bit awkward literally being the only one in the room that has no idea what language they are even speaking in lmao.

Lazy days are so the best. Today has def been that for me as well.
I am glad you got out of class even if you did have to leave the comfort of bed.
OMG. Pizza sounds amazing rn not gonna lie... I live in a super small town though so our pizza choices, other than homemade, are pretty limited. Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. And Dominos.
Still pretty good though. ;u;


runs with money