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Ota Aoki

Report | 08/28/2014 3:04 pm

Ota Aoki

im not good at reading em hahaha i'd rather have like a gps
yo im tryin jasmine i really am
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/25/2014 4:52 pm

Ota Aoki

its all good though jazz mint like i have literally never used public transportation like not even the bus or train and i'm p sure i'd get lost since i dont have a lot of experience
yeah dude i definitely want to take some steps to independance but me not gettin that job i feel is preventing me
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/25/2014 4:38 pm

Ota Aoki

i've never heard of that

it would cost money and ya boy is broke and my parents arent about to dish out some dough just so i can get to work lol
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/25/2014 4:34 pm

Ota Aoki

i tried hahaha most of em are in like portland so its not really helpful
im just lookin for jobs that are closest to me because i can drive now ya but im not that great and i still just have a permit
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/25/2014 4:24 pm

Ota Aoki

thanks man
ima honestly just continue to call em tbh until they finally call me back for that interview
i only applied to popeye and mc d cos they're closest but looks like i'll have to look else where too
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/25/2014 4:19 pm

Ota Aoki

ya i rlly lucked out
and i hope so in the future hahaha

its discouragin when they tell u that stuff and they dont even check like how lazy are yall
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/24/2014 8:22 pm

Ota Aoki

yea she blasian and she a keeper
met her through a mutual friend
she told me she hated me at first hahaha

they told me they were definitely hiring and the manager said she'd definitely look
that s**t obviously aint happen no call back
im not gonna try anymore until christmas break like i said
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/23/2014 11:42 pm

Ota Aoki

man im thinkin if mc ds doesn't call me back ima just give up until winter break or next summer idk
idk tbh i kinda want to save up cos i got a girl now and she plannin on doin some things for me so it'd be hella rude if i didn't return the favor
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/20/2014 12:28 pm

Ota Aoki

nah i just figured since i have a lot of free time might as well do something productive y'know

yeah that'll probably be the case hahaha
Ota Aoki

Report | 08/19/2014 10:58 pm

Ota Aoki

yea man i just want that work experience and to get stuff on my own y'know

i have so much stuff to do this year hahaha
im gonna hate it


runs with money