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Hey there!
My name is a se-cr-et! So you may call me night!
My age? Yup! You guessed it! Another se-cr-et!
Want a picture of me? Tuff! <-- Actually changed my mind and this and put up a pic today! ;] i know I'm amazing
Want to know my likes and dislikes? Hm... Maybe.. Neh.. But I might put that in later.
Oh wait! this is my about me and well... I have nothing about me!
Okay so i will give you a bit of info..
I live FAR away from you!
I will NEVER date you!
I DONT want to meet you!
And that about sums it up..
Oh! Also! Stop picking on noobs you are no better then them so just get over yourself..
Have a wonderful day! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
This color means I added it in nov 2013 unlike the rest which was written YEARS ago!

Welcome To Night Vale

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Birthday: 07/12