Dear Friends,
I am thankful I got to meet those, who I did. I've been on this site far too long, I served here as a chatterboxing anon. The wide majority of you, I will always highly appreciate you and the things you have done to help me whether it was for my quests or helping me with my personal struggles..I hope I helped you just as much as you helped me.

As the Doctor has quoted,
"Everything's got to end sometime, otherwise nothing would ever get started."

This is me ending off of Gaia, but this is not the end of me. I want to focus on my future and look forward to on what I need to focus on in order to get to where I need to be. I need to put myself together.

I wish you all off good. I hope I hear from you guys sometime, again. Thank you, so, so much.


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Waving the white flag: 11.23.14
Goodbye everyone, goodbye Gaia