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My real name is Waverly.
I am 21
From Wisconsin
3/29/13 11:20pm
Song Obsession: Grown Man Cry, Amanda Palmer
I'll take a grande caramel machiatto in a venti cup with extra milk and 5 pumps of vanilla
Pursuing an economics or business major with a minor in Japanese

Games In order of time spent from most to least: ACNL, FF12, Super Mario World, Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue

Some of my favorite things are: goth/aristocratic/or classic loli dresses, kitties, art, getting good grades, and antiques, and the poem "Can't" by Edgar A. Guest. Fans blowing at night. Pigeons. Geometry. Trees. Dawn and dusk. Spring. Drawing with chalk. Cafe's. Makeup. Watership Down by Richard Adams. Halloween. Autumn. Piano. Drinking with straws, especially from cans or bottles. Whistling. Sasquatch Notebooks. Karkat. Vintage Glass Bulbs. Kawaii Stationary. Sugar Bunnies. Jet-Puffed Marshmallows. Applying warm Carmex. Cappuccino. Sugar Bunnies from Sanrio. Chocolate milk made by first putting chocolate milk mix into a cup and then pouring the milk over it. The perfume "Sexy Little Things" by Victoria's Secret. Vines. Real glass cameos. Borzoi dogs. Pickled Vegetables. Wood Violets. TUNA. Sriracha, Tobasco, jalapeños, and most spicy foods. Water or sparkling water flavored with artificial orange flavoring. Hugging. I love music boxes. I forgot that until today (6/14/13) when I ran across a music box song on youtube. There is something about their sound that I absolutely love. Surprises. Jello. Apple Cider. Receiving surprises from friends and loved ones. When people do simple, thoughtful things for one another. Watered down soda. Boiled chicken.

Some of the things I hate are: feeling stupid, Labels/titles, people who mow the lawn underneath pine trees, saliva, the way coins taste or smell after having held them for too long, cigarettes, sexism, double standards. Pie crust. Spoilers. Insects, and most things with an exoskeleton. Kraft cheese. Toffee. Eridan. Notebooks with flimsy covers, wide lines, and/or crappy binding. Milk stored in cardboard. Mountain Dew. Rugrats. Hang nails. Binders wider than 1.3inches. Bows that come apart or flop unattractively. High necklines. When people apply eyeliner before eye-shadow. When people honestly cannot spell common words. Blood sausage. When people do not label animal print properly; EX: calling a Leopard print Cheetah print. The Dinglepop game on OMGPop. Sundried tomatoes and sesame dressing. Vegetarian fake meat (this is so sad D; ). When people mistake confiding and venting for whining and complaining. Loneliness. The film that sometimes forms on the top of jello as it sets.

My fears include:deep water, fish in the deep water. Financial problems.

Number of people who have remarked on my username: 351
Count started/ended 1/1/2012-1/1/2013

Forgotten Rally Servers: Turn Pike, Freeway, Parking Lot. AND NOW ALL THE OTHERS D; WHY GAIA WHYYYYY
I currently loiter round Bypass. ; O;

My favorite lolita dress~~
Angelic Pretty's Sweetie Chandelier OP in black. With corresponding socks and alice band.

Number of flavors I owe Sheep: 3


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Clover_IceQueen Report | 08/24/2016 4:37 pm
It may be because I hardly ever wear my lolita clothes because I think "they're so nice; I wouldn't want them to get messed up." So, they sit and stay the way they were when I bought them rofl I have a hard time getting motivated to get dressed up. sweatdrop
Clover_IceQueen Report | 08/23/2016 6:30 pm
Oh, yeah, it's so annoying when they don't match. I mean, usually the black lolita stuff is the same shade, but white lolita can either be pure white or off- white, and it's so hard to tell from the picture, so I get mad when it's shipped to my house, and it's not the shade I need. lol
I've never heard of black fading to green, though... Maybe it was something you washed it in?
Clover_IceQueen Report | 08/23/2016 7:09 am
As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of Gothic lolita. I've also recently gotten into the Shiro and Kuro styles. Honestly, doing all one color is a lot less stressful than trying to match colors and distribute them evenly throughout the outfit. Maybe I'm just lazy rofl
Clover_IceQueen Report | 08/22/2016 10:29 am
They could have a separate section for creepy cute while keeping the regular sweet and classic lolita styles. Variety is a good way to please customers. 3nodding
Clover_IceQueen Report | 08/19/2016 8:45 am
There needs to be a Halloween/Spooky brand of lolita with pumpkins and skulls and bloodstains and bats. I feel like if Kyary Pamyu Pamyu made a brand, it would be that. lol
Clover_IceQueen Report | 08/17/2016 10:37 am
Your avi is so cute and spooky. 3nodding
Clover_IceQueen Report | 08/01/2016 12:03 pm
I didn't know that site did collabs!
wisyuu Report | 07/29/2016 2:53 pm
Thank you! emotion_kirakira
ArcyOs Report | 07/28/2016 4:00 pm
Bet you do. I just made this brand new avatar with the help of Sheep. I'm making other now thanks to the items I've gained on Kindred.
Also, I'm sure the outfit will look really good on you, since you have a pretty face, along with your cute personality.
ArcyOs Report | 07/27/2016 3:46 pm
Halloween lolita~~~


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