Warped Skittles

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Plain and Simple.
I'm not someone you should waste your time with. About 95% of people I talk to will have a single conversation before dropping it and not talking again.
And the rest are people I talked to at some point but lost contact with and their disinterest to keep in touch rubbed off on me.

I don't consider myself hard to talk to in the least bit, but can't fix a boring personality. c:

Of course, there's people I haven't really said more than 3 words to who already dislike me. Which I have no issue with, I don't like associating with blind puppets who don't make their own judgement.

I joke. A lot. Easily offended? Please keep browsing other profiles.

Otherwise, feel free to add, but I will probably delete you soon enough cause I like deleting people who waste space on there.