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The Captain

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Last Login: 06/28/2016 5:30 pm

Registered: 03/18/2011

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About this Captain:

Hello there everyone. I am Christina and its a pleasure to meet everyone. Vanessa is my usual role play character if it helps. But once again welcome to this voyage through liquid space.

our final frontier on planet Earth

PLEASE NOTE I am a LESBIAN so no guys please and thanks.

Captain's Log: Message from me

30/Female Loves to role play! Pm me to role play ladies and futas!

Captain's Log Last at Sea Part 1


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Welcome Aboard, You are the most curious visitors to a realm of liquid Space. The final Frontier on the planet Earth.

In 1959 This voyage began but halted in 1999 more than 50 years later. But in 2007 the voyage Resumed!