I do stuff and things
I suck and you can't stop me.
Sucking forever for life.
Professional sucker.

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I'm sad most the time.
Then when I'm not, I'm angry.

Hi, I'm an idiot.
I work at the YMCA mascotting as all the village people. (This isn't true)
I'm overly passionate about movies, music, books and anything art really.
(I'm secretly just a pretentious snob, but not really)

I have a disgusting soft spot for cute things.
I like stupid video games. Let's play stupid s**t together.
Video games in general are good.
3DS Friend code: 0559-6768-4636
WII U: Dimensionaut

I doodle occasionally, but I am a ******** lazy piece of s**t like all of the time.
I read sometimes, mainly sci-fi stuff. ******** loser.
I watch too many cartoons. Animation is neato.
I ********] love [/i]Marcus.

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