Hello, my name is Kathleen... If you wanna know anything, just ask. :3 ((PM me. ;D ))
But beyond that- Hey, I guess I could give you a little more insight-

Okay, for starters, Yeah. I made this profile *Pelvic thrusts* And those are my feet. D: So don't steel my feet. Anyways, about me-
I do actually enjoy being myself. I do have some weird a** clothing styles (and weird habbits- YOU'VE BEEN WARNED) that probably not a lot of people likeā€¦ But why would I care about what YOU think?? Oh. And please don't message me to tell me how weird you are. o; I'm weird in my own ways. But it's not like I'm trying to be. Or trying to show off. And I'd rather you not show off your weirdness to me. ;3 Kay? Okay. Aaannd, I AM 18, not 14, not 12. And I am a pretty nice person, unless you take off the glove and slap me- then I'm gonna have to kill a b***h. And one other thing- Don't PM me to get me out of my clothes. The answer is no. C:
And like... take some time to scroll down and look at all the cool people who took pictures for me! :'D They took all this time and effort so... Please? D:

[[ SIGHNS ]]
(Make it grow. ;D)

< My bestfriend Lieano. <33



Kitty's retarded friend - The Journal



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Commander Mikairi

Report | 04/04/2013 7:29 pm

Commander Mikairi

I'm alive again. If you are let me know.

Report | 09/30/2010 7:31 pm


random comment. lol nice profile and name lol
Commander Mikairi

Report | 09/26/2010 11:10 am

Commander Mikairi

The only reason why I'm getting on is because I sit on meh booteh on the computer at work. And They let us on Gaia because it's a PG site.
Commander Mikairi

Report | 09/21/2010 3:09 pm

Commander Mikairi

Hola. It has been a while my Pumpkin Muffin.
I've finally got a job where all I do is surf the net and answer phones. biggrin
May be on more now.

Report | 06/23/2010 2:49 pm


fabidoo biggrin

Report | 06/23/2010 1:57 pm


haha, you didnt say, theres a program called audacity?
and yeah im alright smile just in from a long da at work O: just trying to chilll out, waiting for the ice cream to melt biggrin , all my flatmates are out so im just sittin in kinda bored O:
how bout you? smile

Report | 06/22/2010 4:31 pm


aww thanks bro, much appreciated, i was thinking of changing it recently.
but then i realized its ******** fabidoo. ;D
took me ages to come up with too, and then cuz its all unique i was like "yay" and then i found out some sort of retarded entrepreneurial company stole it, now my name is the front title for weird student pulling heavy cheesers on a banner with stupid hats, D:


i'd say i'd like your username too, but im not a massive fan of p***s.
well. p3nis is ok, but not p***s. just a personal preference. or non preference as the case may be O:

so yeah, now that the aquantens-(how do you spell that word? D: ) are out of the way.. whats new dear? (:
Hat-ninja Clawzz

Report | 06/21/2010 9:15 pm

Hat-ninja Clawzz

same here I ussally just add my newest sign or avi art to it., I'm no longer in some of the guilds I have posted up there. sweatdrop
Hat-ninja Clawzz

Report | 06/21/2010 9:10 pm

Hat-ninja Clawzz

feet? I saw no feet?

Report | 06/21/2010 5:50 am


i dont know you but, i saw you on a thread and blah blah blah.
hi. s'up? O:


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