Falconshield w/ AntiRivet - Gragas Drinking Song

Falconshield - This Is War 2: Piltover vs Zaun (Original LoL song

Vi's Patch Theme Song "Here Comes Vi!

League of Legends Music: Get Jinxed


A Little about me <3

Name: Nathan - But you can just call me Wall-e if you like.

Age: 18/08/1991

eye colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blown

Height: 5"8-ish

Live: Born in Scotland, Raised in Northern Ireland and living in America!

Hobbies: Playing Online games, Meeting new people, Playing the guitar and Violin.

I am a casual laid back guy who takes life as it comes. I don't take anything serious so make fun of me if you wish i will just laugh it off. Not many peoples opinions matter to me but only my friends and family. I am easy going and love Anime. I am a hopeless romantic at Heart. I believe love is the problem to solve everything in life. That and some patients lol.

I am a huge and absalute crazy for, FNaF! aka Five Nights At Freddy's. I love the lore, the idea of it and the Animation. (if you love Fnaf too here is my own personal FB forum page for all sorta of stuff, come join, It does, Cosplay sharing, Fan art, Topic discussions on the, Games, Book and Future contents.)

Five Nights At Freddy\'s Fan Forum Page!

A few work friends and myself make videos for youtube. Come check em out. I may even do a video on Gaia and put your name in it. So Like and Subscribe <3

ZestyBros Fam

I am getting bored of typing so i am gonna

Pok├ęball - Wrecking Ball Parody




Suddenly a hand swooshed right past my head almost dragging me to my final moments. Turning around i see a strange person, With that odd trench Coat, Them odd looking Glasses, That rather suspicious Mustache... I am not sure who tried to drag me to my Demise but i know for sure it was Definitely Not BlitzCrank!