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The earth laughs in flowers.

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My name is Ashley. I'm a spooky little lady. I dabble in alternative modeling and like to cook. I'm a mama to a beautiful toddler. I am passionate about feminism, witchcraft, animals, anime, reading, Greek mythology, horror, my loved ones, psychology, science and nudity. I've been on this site for far too long (over ten years.) xo

"I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells,
 dark hazels and rustic baskets of kisses. I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees."
— Pablo Neruda

Note: My Tumblr is NSFW and contains a lot of nudity. If that bothers you, do not follow me. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Tell me sweet things.

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Desires Helmet Report | 12/04/2014 12:06 am
hey! Happy birthday!!!!!!! How goes it?
Macabrelle Report | 09/07/2014 11:49 pm
Your avi and profile are both super cuuute. emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
LordKingPumpkinHead Report | 07/05/2014 7:38 pm
the tip!

thank you so much! have a wonderful day!
pot od Report | 06/27/2014 2:42 pm
i did i did! i saw Cute is What We Aim For, Yellowcard and Bowling for Soup.
pot od Report | 06/25/2014 10:12 am
yeah, Gossip Girl. I think I remember watching the first episode and being very.. un-intrigued? But if you say it's good I might give it a second chance.

I'm doing well! Halfway through my work week, might go to Warped Tour tonight. surprised
pot od Report | 06/25/2014 10:08 am
I like the new hair color! And the "Dreams" cover. Is the show Leighton Meester is on worth watching?
youre overdressed Report | 04/27/2014 3:25 pm

Its on limited time~ jsyk.
; u ;
My mom just got it for meeee.
iCupcake Chic Report | 04/16/2014 6:13 pm
Awesome, Sailor Moon biggrin
How are you?
youre overdressed Report | 04/16/2014 11:59 am

I try to keep it at least for a little while.
Cause Im a nice person and when I sell my items I sell them for low, so..
I used to change my avi almost every other day, but then I had like no gold. W00pz.
So I trained myself to try to keep it for at least a week or so.
youre overdressed Report | 04/14/2014 8:04 pm

Your avi is lovely, gurl.


I'm the ghost with the most, babe.
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