Welcome to my profile! I'm Diamond, or simply vxrs. Formerly Converss, hxvrtlxss, and whatever else. Here's some descriptive words to help you visualize the socially awkward sjw sitting behind the computer screen:
♦ qtpoc
♦ afro-caribbean
♦ ravenclaw
♦ full time student
♦ writer
♦ sax player
♦ waterbender
♦ (potential) friend
Came here in '11 with a band of pals, now it's just me here. I used to frequent the roleplay forums, but thanks to Lanzer, now I'm back to zOMG. It's what I did before I began to roleplay, and I still haven't defeated bloodlust. Nevertheless, I'll consider a *super lax* onexone or SMALL group.

Thanks for visiting! Have an awesome day.