It's about time that I fill this section up. So here it goes...

I'm 19. I live and study in Poland (free education yay). Since I have no life goals other than making the minimal amount of money required to survive, I chose to study history. Yeah, I know it might seem pretty pointless, but I enjoy learning about the occult, old medicines, wars and myths. I guess the only job I can realistically get is teaching, so that's what I chose to specialise in at the moment.

As for methods of procrastination hobbies, I enjoy playing the guitar, drawing and online gaming. I'm not great in any of those but that doesn't stop me. I guess you could say I'm into music (considering that headphones are basically like life support to me). I listen to mostly rock and metal, but also enjoy classical, country, electro-swing and folk.

I've got 2 dogs and a cat. My white lab is unfortunately still living in London, but I have my Dachshund mix to keep me company. The lab's name is Kama, Dach... (that word) is called Joker (roughly translated) and the cat is Lucyferia, because she looks like Satan incarnate.

I'm usually online between 19:00-21:30 (Central European Timezone). If you need me for some reason either quote me to summon me to the forums or whisper me in game.

I can be really socially awkward. If I don't speak then it's not because I hate you, I just don't talk much in general.

So reading this just wasted a few minutes of your life. Sorry. Well at least now you kind of know me, so I guess that's a good thing