i am a senior in highschool, class of 2016.
im really not sure of what i want to do when im out of highschool, and im not even sure if i want to go to college.
i love to do art, i would like to do art for the gaya community one day with a real tablet and everything, i currently dont have the funds to do so unfortunately.
i really like to play volleyball, i've played since i was in the sixth grade.

i love good music. kidzbop ruins everything.
i like calm songs, with nice beats.
im really picky about a lot of my music though.

i like sharks.
i think they are really fascinating.
sharks are rad.
kittens are also super.
i love me some kitten cuddles.

chances are i probably hate everyone.
not literally, but i am mean sometimes.
i sometimes find things offensive that werent meant to offend.
i also feel strong empathy for others.
so if youre crying, chances are i'll be crying in .25 seconds because i feel that you are very sad.

i am happily taken.
irl and gaya.
my irl boyfriend is john paul leitholf. (january 2nd, 2014)
my gaya hubby is Acroo.

i think thats really all for my about me.
if there is anything you would like to know, send me a private message.

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