Hi, I'm VVednesdays. I'm an Artistemotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif. Aspiring Senpai... Aspiring to be inspiring.... Wanna be famous artist.
I make stuff.
"Seasonal-time con-goer since Oct. 31 2015. "
I'm engaged to [_Legato_].
>Stuck in 2010
>irl 2D slime Wife
>Shamefully addicted to Steven Universe, Rick & Morty, and TWD.
>Obsessed with cartoons/anime/animation anything
>Gay af.
>Super Hero
>Possibly Crazy
>I'm hard headed and overly expressive
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A Bong Hit is love.
Da-eh is my Orange wife.
W A N K R, Gurowaii, Pokepuffs, SugarySymbiote,So Dapper, Sad Skeleton, Lake Hylia, StereoVirus, Goreday, His little girI, & Timber Rook are my family for life.
Follow me on my journey. I want to be great one day.
I draw A LOT artist.
Leave a message if you want.




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