Birthday: 02/17



What's Gucci?

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Before you read this ask yourself...
Are you truely worthy enough to read my profile?
If not... It's okay. I still love you. Idk.

Anyways yeah I'm not too good at this about me shits soooo..
Yeah I guess just ask me about me pm or something like that.
Pretty straight forward, I'm a blunt person.
Let's see...
Am 20 now. I feel old.
Name's AJ or I go by Lozhi, Lozhki, Loz. Idk, idc be creative. Vselennaya means Universe in Russian. There you go, a little vocabulary lesson for you Cyrillic for the day.
I'm in the Army Active duty. Currently stationed in south Korea. s'ok..
My favorite colors are green and grey. I don't like bananas. But I do like Apples. Apples are freakin delicious.
I think space is pretty nifty.
I was born in Germany BUT.... I'm not German. I'll leave it to you to find out I guess.
I'm a generally nice guy, easily confused so take your time with me. I'll get along with anyone pretty much so if u wanna know more or become my friend pm or just add me. Kool kool, later.


Good s**t..
Talk to me.