I'm the stud on the far right.

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Welcome all!
I'm weird af man, but bare with me.
My name's AJ, and I live off of my friends, music, and anime.
My ideal day is wake up, work, home by 4, and kick it with friends or the bae relaxing or go out.
I love music. All kinds.
******** an explanation
I'm happily taken by the beautiful Laay.
She's my everything.
Vselennaya means Universe in Russian.
My favorite colors are green, Blue, and Grey. Sometimes purple.
My favorite fruits are pears and apples. Tend to eat apples more.
Korean BBQ is my s**t.
I spent a year in Korea and I've got to say it was absolutely fantastic. Been to 7 (technically) 8 different countries.
Made in Heidelberg Germany and missing home.
I'm 22 and feeling old.
I love space related things hence my name meaning Universe.
I'm an all around fun kind of guy and very friendly so don't be afraid to say hi.
I'mma people person and I love friends.
Catch you on the flip side.
Deuces. smilies/icon_surprised.gif

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Good s**t..
Talk to me.
Find yourself on the way out Gaia.



Birthday: 02/17

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