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Fooly Cooly?

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Before you read this ask yourself...
Are you truely worthy enough to read my profile?
If not... It's okay. Idk.

Anyways yeah I'm not too good at this about me shits soooo..
Pretty straight forward, I'm a blunt person.
Let's see...
Am 21 now. I feel old.
Name's AJ or I go by Lozhi, Lozhki, Loz. Idk, idc be creative. Vselennaya means Universe in Russian. There you go, a little vocabulary lesson for you Cyrillic for the day.
I'm in the Army Active duty. Currently stationed in south Korea. s'ok..
My favorite colors are green and grey. I don't like bananas. But I do like Apples. Apples are freakin delicious.
I think space is pretty nifty.
Music, friends, and anime are life.
I'm taken.
I was born in Germany BUT.... I'm not German. I'll leave it to you to find out I guess.
I'm a generally nice guy, easily confused so take your time with me. I'll get along with anyone pretty much so if u wanna know more or become my friend pm or just add me. Kool kool, later.

I forgot to tell you I'm a Pumpkin.


Good s**t..
Talk to me.
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