Story of Voleur:
The character Voleur was originally a RP character, now the heroine of my fantasy novel. She's a (mostly) friendly daemon with a fondness for protecting the weak, alcohol, stealing, and being a flirt. Hobbies include getting in over her head, communing with gods, and then pissing off said gods. Chaotic Good, ftw.

On and off hiatus.
Moving around sucks.

~Le About Me

Sex, drugs, and noise marines.

I'm just some old crazy lady; though I'm not opposed to the occasional friendly chat. I'm bisexual, and no I'm not interested. Formerly Serenus dia Phasmatis, and former owner of a banned account that went by many "Rina" usernames. Feel free to add me on Steam and s**t, I like having new gaming buddies. Ask for my username.

Nihilistic atheist. Fan of old school Process Theology; the only "gods" of the universe are the natural laws that cause everything to keep going/ go. So a strand of atheist with a heavy interest in natural law and how it affects the grand scale of the universe, and the small effect in our lives. Crazy people recently decided to make this a Christian science thing. ********. Oh yeah, I swear some times. Deal with it.

I'm a Commie *gasp*. But I think most "Communists" before me were doing it wrong. People have blown communism into something its not, mostly due to the crazy ******** who have abused a good idea for power and warped it into totalitarianism. That is not communism- nor is unfair redistribution of wealth. I include the idea of diminished government in a laissez-faire , mostly small community based setting. I realize however that this is highly idyllic, and can never really be achieved unless there's a massive culling and then a massive paradigm shift. THIS BEING SAID, I have more modern, reasonably adjusted political opinions. I like Socialism, Libertarianism, vote Green, and piss of generally everyone.

Doom metal
And other Metallic musical substances
V for Vendetta
Role Playing
Marvel 1602
Warhammer fantasy and 40k
(mostly 40k)
Song of Ice & Fire. Ohgods, the tinfoil <3
Herbal intoxicants
Reading; primarily sci fi and fantasy.
Anything Bethesda touches
Laser guided glowing goats
Crack-pot Conspiracy Theories. <3
Horrible Movies (BAAAA)
Final Fantasy VIII
TERRY PRATCHETT- Forever will be my hero.
Photoshop ( Its disco-Death Star. -->)
Chuck Palahnuik
Cyrano de Bergerac
Chocobos and Moogles
Randomly donating
Weird Low Budget PC Games
Ethical philosophy
X- Files<333
Religious philosophy
Salvador Dahli
Living Alone
Lord of the Rings
Anything with three threes.
Forest-y Type Areas
Magic: The Gathering
Dim Sum

Big Mean Dogs
FIFA video games
Not knowing Japanese
Not knowing German
Not knowing Latin
Electric Bills
Being Forced to Watch Things
Creepy Old Men
Angry construction workers
Whores and skanks
Mary Sues & Gary Stus
Being Lonely... u_u
Being Yelled At
Hackers who do harm of some sort to normal folk
Mc Donalds
Tight-a** role players -_-;
Annoying Customers
Running out of hard drive space.
Downloading updates.
People who are raised only knowing English, and STILL can't ******** speak it.
Being blown off. </3



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Holy Slayer

Report | 06/30/2015 3:38 pm

Holy Slayer

Thank you I feel it is the only appropriate look for the WG Summer Secret Santa.

Report | 06/28/2015 1:42 pm


Lol yeah! XD TBH, I don't remember saying that; I like to think my brain erased it because it was clearly stupid of me. What's even more hilarious is that I spent a lot of time as a kid with my grandmother and she was/is REALLY religious [like.. no music but Christian allowed, no tv but HGTV or TBN/preacher stuff allowed because everything else has to do with the devil's temptations and is evil. XD [we still snuck in listening to pop/radio music and cartoons, though haha]], so I've done like a complete 180 from where I was initially hehehe.
Yeah sorta... uuhh it was like Spotify? but better... it was my favorite music listening site. emo Had songs on it that youtube doesn't.
It was just a collection of songs; I don't think there was like specific albums, just bunches of songs from each. I rememmmberrrrr Demon of the Fall and The Moor were on it; those were some of my first favorites from them. Cx!! klfhfdlghfgsd [seriously, idr how he did it, but each CD had like.. 100+ songs on it; or it felt like that]
Alright! Look forward to seeing/listening to theeem~ O wO/ have fun~

Aahh~ cool. o vo! My sis first heard hard music when Rob Zombie's Dragula was used on The Matrix, and she would use the computer when my mom was at work to look for stuff [way back in the ole days of dial-up sjkfgakbsdgdfg]

CoF was one of the first screamy rawr rawr bands I was familiar with; my sister had a CD of theirs [idr if she just borrowed it or owned it] with the song title Of Dark Blood and ******** and that would get a giggle out of me. I used to think their stuff was too hard for me. XDa But I'm not totally familiar with a lot of their stuff either - mostly just Midian and Nymphetamine, with a spattering of songs from other albums [like Hallowed be thy Name and Mannequin]. But yeah, I've had this same username for like 10 years and only a handful of people got the reference.
Oh, well I don't mean it in a serious sense; I just wanted to see what bands you like and see if I know any of them. >w < Always a fun thing to do when music sharing~ Elitism is stupid, yes I will agree. XD Whether or not one knows the most obscure bands or not doesn't mean they're insincere in their love for whatever music.
I'm very similar with that curiosity over psh .. everything? XD
HNNGG YES EXACTLY! I've learned of so many cool songs/bands thanks to friends! heart
surprised ... I'll take you up on that~ link spam initiate -pushes imaginary button-
[x], [x], [x], [x], [x] [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x],

Report | 06/25/2015 11:37 am


Weee~~ and I'm glad you diiid~ 8D
Aye, yeah not on my top list, though still a solid band with a good sound. O wO! <333 I'm kinda .. idk XD I don't really have aaaaaaa formula for how I listen to artists - some I started with their newest s**t, others I've started right in the middle and other times [back before grooveshark got taken down </////////3] I'd just gather their whole discography and play it on shuffle/repeat. XDa So yee. No real structure there; sometimes I just decide to listen to new music. XDa

Awesome. /o/ Not sounding like a loon wooo! Hmmmm I don't know; doom and sludge and those kinds of genres.. I'm aware of them, but I haven't yet really give them a look around yet? xDa [at least that I can recall] WELL! I first heard it.. hmmm I was probablllyyyyy... maybe 7-8 or so? My sister found out about it and was playing it and listened to it... and apparently, I told her it was scary and asked her to stop playing it. rofl I didn't start ACTUALLY listening to it until... idk, depending on your definition, a few years after that [I was maybe 11 or 12], when I got super into Slipknot and that whole NuMetal style with a little bit of other stuff; a friend in high school [maybe... 10th or 11th grade, so I was ... 15-17] gave me a couple of CDs with like a s**t ton of metal on them that got me started into other stuff [Soilwork, Opeth, In Flames, Trivium, Children of Bodom, and others; I still should probably check those CDs out to mine for new-to-me music to listen to; I know .. uuhh... Porcupine Tree is on one, but I haven't checked them out but yeah] and so that's what got me into the less wangsty + heavier stuff. Funnily enough, my sister grew out of most metal stuff, but I only got more into it. O wOa
Also~ fyi, my username is a [direct reference] to my musical tastes [at least, one facet of them]
What about you? C: When did you start listening? Cx
Nope, no particular kinds; as someone who isn't picky and still has a lot to learn, I like to just see what people have to offer and check out the couple of songs they show me. o vo! If I like them enough/am in the right mood for it, I'll look into them more on my own [or months later] I mean I'll listen to tons of different styles. I'm generally pretty meh about the majority of -core music, and the silly falsettos a la King Diamond, I cannot take seriously if I tried [but sometimes I can look past it, like when the aforementioned Ruler of Diamonds was a guest vocalist on a Volbeat song] so yeah. if there are some favorites of yours that stand out from the others, I'd love to hear some songs from them~ C: I also love to see if I know any of them already hehehe XD Test my well-versedness of metal music. X'D [chances are, I'll know the names of a lot, but be unfamiliar with their actual songs. XD]
No worries! Variety is good~~ C':

Also, don't worry about the delay~ XD It's no problem. UuU

Report | 06/23/2015 9:55 pm


> w< Well.. I'm terrible about initiating conversations, SO! That's one cause that doesn't surprise me. XDa

Cx! Yeah I heard them on this tv music channel [the song in my prof] and it grew on me [I could never justify it - I got that the verses kinda sounded just like.. noise.. but I still liked it, especially the chorus and the guitars] and then later I checked out this other album.. I think it's their newest, Desideratum, and I quite enjoyed that. 'Fraid I still need to look into them more, but yeah~ o wo! I like what I've heard~~ UuUa
I'm still pretty noobish about a lot of screamy rawr rawr knowledge/bands/etc, but goddamn I love hearing it. It is to me as radio music is to a casual music listener in the sense that.. I'm not terribly picky about it, I'm just a sucker for heavy sounds. UuU;;; [... I don't think that makes the most sense, but... urp.. -trips and falls-]
So what other bands do you like then? o wo!

Don't worry about the randomness, I welcome it happily. UuU <3
I hope your day/night goes well and all~

Report | 06/23/2015 9:07 pm


This is greeaat!
Knight of Plagues

Report | 06/22/2015 8:22 pm

Knight of Plagues

Yo wushgoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-

Hello there, I really like your avatar! And character for that matter.

Report | 06/20/2015 6:47 am



Report | 06/09/2015 5:17 pm


Sure you can! You've already showed me a lot of music and especially books. wink

Report | 06/09/2015 4:26 pm


If you meant to type Uzumaki then I love it, Junji Ito is a genius!

Report | 06/06/2015 9:17 pm


The Shire


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