Story of Voleur:
The character Voleur was originally a RP character, now the heroine of my fantasy novel. She's a (mostly) friendly daemon with a fondness for protecting the weak, alcohol, stealing, and being a flirt. Hobbies include getting in over her head, communing with gods, and then pissing off said gods. Chaotic Good, ftw.

On and off hiatus.
Vanishing again for an indefinite while.
Any interested in obtaining Skype, Steam or contact crap should PM me on my very out of date and neglected dA. 3DS and PS4 are always ways to contact and game. Expected last day here on Gaia is 8/13.

~Le About Me

Sex, drugs, and noise marines.

Blank space to say s**t.
I'm just some crazy lady, though I'm not opposed to the occasional friendly chat. INFJ. Bisexual. Always overly detailed. Formerly Serenus dia Phasmatis, and former owner of a banned account that went by many "Rina" usernames. Feel free to add me on Steam and s**t, I like having new gaming buddies. Ask for my username.

Nihilistic atheist. Fan of old school Process Theology; the only "gods" of the universe are the natural laws that cause everything to keep going/ go. Its a strand of atheist with a heavy interest in natural law and how it affects the grand scale of the universe, and the small effect in our lives. Crazy people recently decided to make this a Christian science thing. ********. Oh yeah, I swear sometimes. Deal with it.

My core political, economic and societal structure beliefs are outdated to modern society and its pointless to try to explain. I prefer minimal, laissez-faire government; yet realize the necessity of a bloated government in a bloated society. I have more modern, reasonably adjusted political opinions, too. Agree with bits of Socialism, Libertarianism, vote Green, and piss of generally everyone.

Terry Pratchett- Forever will be my hero.
Metallic musical substances
V for Vendetta, Marvel 1602, The Crow, and other badass graphic novels
Role Playing
Warhammer 40k
Song of Ice & Fire. Ohgods, the tinfoil <3
Herbal intoxicants
Wine's okay, too
Reading; primarily sci fi and fantasy.
Anything Bethesda touches
Meeting people and making new friends
Laser guided glowing goats
Conspiracy Theories
Horrible/amazing Movies
Final Fantasy VIII, Chocobos and Moogles
Photoshop (Its disco-Death Star! smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif )
Chuck Palahnuik
Cyrano de Bergerac
Randomly donating
Weird Low Budget PC Games
Ethical and Religious philosophy
Kingkiller Chronicles
X- Files, pre-seaon 9 <3
Salvador Dahli
Rebecca Guay
Lord of the Rings
Forest-y Type Areas
Magic: The Gathering
Dim Sum, pho, and other unrelated Asian foods.

Thread killing
Big, mean dogs. Other big dogs are great. Small dogs are just shitty cats.
FIFA video games
Not knowing Japanese
Not knowing German
Not knowing Latin
Electric Bills
Willful ignorance
People who lead other people on
Mary Sues & Gary Stus
Hackers who do harm of some sort to normal folk
Mc Donalds
Tight-a** role players
Annoying Customers
Running out of hard drive space.
Downloading updates.
People who are raised only knowing English, and STILL can't ******** speak it.
Being blown off. </3



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d'aw, thanks! redface
Tsuki Amu

Report | 08/09/2015 10:36 pm

Tsuki Amu

Oh my gosh I can't describe to you how stoked I was to see your comment. I'm just so star-struck right now /o/
Thank you for the lovely compliment <3

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Cezar narrowed his eyes and seemed to pout a little bit for a second. "Of course, take all the time you need. Marines, you may stand down and return to your duties." Cezar's henchman obeyed without question and stood down.

"Follow me to my quarters, if you please."

The CEO's quarters were spacious and well decorated. There was an organized desk, a chart table, a bed and a large map of the known world on one bulkhead. There was a divination cast on it, and the location of every PTC vessel in the fleet was marked, with ship name, the coordinates and current heading. A couple marks were clustered in major ports, while others slowly moved across the oceans.

((Oh? What was the good news? Nothing too crazy this week. Sunday and Wednesday games have been on a hiatus. Our Friday party wrecked some rock trolls, who wisely surrendered to us. We also met a storm giant running a farm and came across another adventuring party. We asked them a crap ton of questions about the world. Friday game has a main plot, but there's no rush so we've spent a lot of time just exploring and meeting people.))

Report | 08/05/2015 1:00 pm


"Are you sure that you want to read through it all? It's long and tedious. I could just skim over the sections for you..."

((Thanks! How's your day been?))

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The tiefling was quiet, listening to her every word. When she was finished, he adjusted his spectacles.

"I see your point. If you wish to serve the PTC, I will require a contract to be made between us. Business, you understand. It's the devil blood in me, too. Don't worry, your soul isn't what I require."

((Sorry for long reply. Somehow I didn't get the alert. ))

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I had help.. My brother in the Army has had it four times, and he told me exactly what to do to defeat dysentery! 3nodding

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Thanks.. I loved that game, Oregon Trail! exclaim Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at keeping my people alive. Too bad, so sad.. sweatdrop

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I've got dysentery from drinking bad water. emotion_0A0 This is day six of having it. My guts hurt, and I'm still bleeding lightly, but at least I don't have diarrhea anymore.. emotion_yatta

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Cezar adjusts his spectacles and is silent, giving it some thought.
"Go on." he replies.

((Yeah, they do pretty often. Drive us nuts from time to time. One is two and destroys everything and the other is still a suckling babe. Oddly enough, the baby is quieter and less obnoxious. Something about just having boob in her mouth most of the time. Sunday game has been running for about three years now and Friday game is in its second chapter and has been going for about a year now.
Yes, her name is Snowy Zombie. Hasn't logged in in forever, though. Her signature still says we're dating and actually has my old username. XD
Speaking of which, I have to go pick her up from work. I'll catch you later?))

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"What a pity. You would have fetched such a good price. I might have even bought you myself to serve as a cabin girl. Well, I suppose your lovely face will just have to hang in a gibbet by the sea as an example. At least you'll have a good view. That is, until the gulls come for your eyes."

((I agree! We roleplay pretty heavily with our roomies. To the point where we're texting each other at work sometimes in between sessions. Luckily, if I fall asleep during a game, the worst that might happen is the dogs may decide to lick my face or something. Roomies got two kids too, and we're frequently fishing dice out of their mouths. sweatdrop ))


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Voleur, Slaaneshi daemoness.
Trying out various "story-accurate" looks.

Vanishing for an indefinite while.
Interested in obtaining Skype, Steam or contact crap? PM me on my very out of date and neglected dA.