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Hello everyone, I do hope you're having a wonderful day, and if not, I'm sorry. Since people have been asking me for a about me, I'll do my best to make one, but no promise's that it'll be good.

My name is Neko, people call me Vol, but you may call me what you please. My gender is of no importance, you can base me off of what you think my avi is. I could be a male, or a female, with my avi, I imagine some people having a hard time trying to figure it out. As you can tell I'm not very open about my personal life, so please, unless I tell you about it, don't ask me about it. I'll share little bits about my personal life, if I choose too.

Age... Why does everyone always have to put an age on these things? Well... For those who wish to know, I am 20 years old as of January 18th of this year. Care to get me a gift as a late belated birthday present? Oh, that's very sweet of you, and don't worry, I'll return the favor when it is your birthday. I think that's fair, don't you think?

What are my hobbies you ask? Isn't it obvious already? I love making profiles, I'm not the greatest at it, I know, I'll leave Yoshi Knight to the eye popping profiles. If you ask me for a profile, that's fine, I'll most likely make you one, only if you promise not to steal my codes and claim them as your own. I'm also a "artist", I love to draw but I can only draw chibis unless I take hours drawing a normal anime figure. Which even then I'm bad at it, in my opinion.


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