My name is Aaron. Also known as Void. I've been on this game for 9 years now and I intend to be there when it dies. I'm a nice person unless provoked or treated poorly. Even then I feel remorse for arguing with another person and or fighting.

Steam: Imptrea
Skype: Imptrea
League: Shacoko (Current.)
Guild wars 2: Stealaquest.1897


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toon link FTW Report | 10/10/2015 11:59 am
toon link FTW
Aaerii Report | 10/06/2015 1:48 pm
Bit Siniful Report | 09/01/2015 9:44 am
Bit Siniful
Hi o uo
Himedere Chan Report | 08/18/2015 9:22 pm
Himedere Chan
Ooh this is good c:
Kakatte Rasshai Report | 08/18/2015 9:13 pm
Kakatte Rasshai
shady's back
Kakatte Rasshai Report | 08/18/2015 7:25 pm
Kakatte Rasshai
Yes. Yes this is.
Himedere Chan Report | 08/18/2015 7:24 pm
Himedere Chan
Preeeetttyyy good, and you? c:
Himedere Chan Report | 08/18/2015 7:05 pm
Himedere Chan
Hullo hullo
HopeYami101 Report | 08/15/2015 6:14 am
I'm okay, I don't want to go back to school though...
HopeYami101 Report | 08/13/2015 5:47 pm
Void!! I missed you so much, hi...

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User Name : Void walker
Name : Su'Kaz Sefez
Age : 1 Eon
Height : 7'11
Weight : 160 Lbs
Race : The Walkers
Affiliation : The Void
Hair : Black pony tail with a 5 foot length
Eyes : Faceless
Skin Tone : Pitch black
Personality : Split personality
Likes : Matter in any shape or form

History :


Weapon 1: Nulled Energy Claws
Claws made of energy which looks similar too space with stars moving through it. It's power is basically when it touches energy. It will change the current energy too Chemical energy turning it into C2O or also known as Dicarbon monoxide

Special Abilities (Passive)

Passive Power One:Whirlwind of the void
This is a passive power that turns on when Su'kaz Is Upset or in distress which basically will turn his void and spin it faster and faster the more he needs to which creates a whirlwind within the area end in the entrance to his void.

Passive Power Two:The Void
This Passive that is a constantly active Which basically act's as a portal between dimensions which is known as The Void.
It is a Realm where time is frozen and inescapable by any form of energy not even light can prevail from this abyss.

Special Abilities (Active)

Active Ability One :Rift Step
This ability is activated only by stomping the ground to create a rift at a set location allows him to go through that rift and alter space allowing him to end up anywhere above the rift thats on ground level.