Random Facts about me:
3DS Friend Code: 2466-3011-2790
I'm from California
I love Mushrooms! No not the drugs!
I love bacon. smilies/icon_smile.gif
Kissed by Fire (Ginger)
I believe respect should be given to all people unless they prove otherwise.
I procrastinate way to much!
I'm way too nice. :/ Gets me into shitty situations.
I'm straight.
I love to make people laugh.
I believe aliens exist. smilies/icon_razz.gif
I believe ghosts exist. I lived in a haunted place when I was a kid.
Been in the Army for 3+ years now.
I love to cook breakfast, you hungry? smilies/icon_smile.gif
Skype: tahvoid
I love the cold. Summer sucks. x.x
Traumatized by the buzzing alarm sound. smilies/icon_sad.gif
I love Thunder and Rain.
I love to snuggle.
Favorite Actor/Actress: Kurt Russell
Favorite Video Games: Vandal Hearts 1 & 2, Thousand Arms, All the Castlevania games, Final Fantasy VIII, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind, Star Ocean: Second Story, CoD WaW, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, will add more when I remember.

Waiting for food to cool down. Nomnomnom
People with Ego trips/Power Complexes/Assholes pretty much.
Internet Gangsters. -.-
When someone says they'll do something just to back out of it.
MLP, I don't care if you like it.
Hang Nails. D;


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Yummi Mochi

Report | 04/19/2014 9:08 pm

Yummi Mochi


Report | 04/19/2014 11:32 am


Art is really expensive >.< XD
Yummi Mochi

Report | 04/19/2014 11:13 am

Yummi Mochi

Yummi Mochi

Report | 04/18/2014 12:16 pm

Yummi Mochi

here's another artist u may like.
pretty cheap prices for good quality
Yui's Shop

and i'm getting ready to go to work
Hiro Minosh

Report | 04/18/2014 11:43 am

Hiro Minosh

True true~ I'm not picky what so ever. I love all music with good lyrics or good melody/beat~ xp
I'm easy to please, haha.
But yes, hunting profiles for music is a good little bit I do.
Saw the art Kiro made you btw... looks amazing ^^
Yummi Mochi

Report | 04/18/2014 10:49 am

Yummi Mochi

<3 <3
Yummi Mochi

Report | 04/16/2014 10:31 pm

Yummi Mochi

Hiro Minosh

Report | 04/16/2014 1:38 pm

Hiro Minosh

Hahahaha.. oh my.. that would've been epic. I'd love if he'd actually have a Gaia account. But it's highly doubtful.
I take it you watch him as well? Perhaps not as religiously as I do xd Very few would.

You're welcome.
And thank you thank you emotion_hug
I love expanding my musical folder as well my taste is very wide. So I always find music and songs on other peoples profiles.
Guess it's a thing of mine, to "steal" other peoples music.. hehe.
Hiro Minosh

Report | 04/16/2014 12:36 pm

Hiro Minosh

Hello there~ Nice Avatar you have there.
Can't help but wonder who the other visitor from Sweden that has lurked on your page, LOL.
Also... what's the name of the song on your page? I like it. Wanna find it x3

Have a nice day and Easter !!

Report | 04/15/2014 11:29 pm


No, dont have enough money yet



Draw my avi? I'll pay handsomely! emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif