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I wanna trust the pulse
In which decay is followed by bloom

And I’m sure any flaw will turn out beautiful


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dontwatchthatv4 Report | 09/30/2012 7:16 pm
miss u redface
King Coyotl Report | 06/19/2012 2:45 pm
sorry about the takesy backsies, it was an accident. gonk

dontwatchthat Report | 06/10/2012 12:32 am
you're so silly omg
okay fine
I'm gonna sleep
chat to you later gorgeous. redface
dontwatchthat Report | 06/10/2012 12:28 am
LOL no even just for the IM
we could video chat too thooo
and fine if I am not worthy of your qtself :c
dontwatchthat Report | 06/10/2012 12:24 am
so sleepy
get skype ok
dontwatchthat Report | 06/10/2012 12:15 am
hi qt
suppp c;
That Queen Report | 05/27/2012 5:21 pm
your gorgeous
King Coyotl Report | 05/20/2012 6:19 pm
you should make a wish list so I know what to get you or at least angst over not being able to get it for you. sweatdrop
the beaast Report | 03/15/2012 2:30 am
hi ur rly pretty
thats all
Rotface Report | 03/15/2012 1:27 am
u should add me, ur cool.
my list is full.
rhyming skills, i'll beat you in a duel.