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emery || taken || ♡13.7.13♡
17 || nonbinary || they/them || infj || nc
people call me many names, but please call me emery.
yeah i'm a junior in high school, and it is hectic. but it's all good.
i don't get on much, but don't be afraid to shoot me a message.
i love some anime, some shows, some comics,
and some movies. pretty simple.
my passion is art and i love music.
i love bands. paramore is the death of me.
i love many more like pvris, fall out boy, panic! at the disco,
falling in reverse, escape the fate, flyleaf, get scared, new years day, new politics, etc.
of course i like artists like marina and the diamonds, lights, ellie goulding, sia, yeah you get it.
well, i used to be very into korean/japanese-pop, but i'm not much anymore.
i'm a lazy bum and i don't like sports. welp.
i'm mostly on twitter so you can find me there.


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guess who decided to go on your account again B)
yes. me
ok so. first things first
wow i havent done this in a long time and it's almost nostalgic? yes. ok.
god shamsa i love you to death and i dont know what i would do without you. you've really made my life better and i'm able to feel something again.
i couldn't thank you enough for being with me. it really means a lot, and i've never had a friend like you.
i'm glad i fell in love with you because.......damn. how did i end up so lucky with a girl like you? i guess fate was being nice to me, haha.
but in all seriousness, you just make me so happy. i get up every morning because you help me do so and you always cheer me up, make me smile, and you shaped me into who i am today.
i actually like myself now.
what i really mean to say is thank you. thank you for being you, thank you for being my friend, thank you for loving me, thank you thank you thank you.
i love you.


ok jk but
i really hope you like the stuff i leave you :^D
and remember how we said we were gonna take a picture together when we met?
we did! we made that a goal and we achieved it! ♥
5 times in fact! possibly a 6th this weekend :^)
i really hope i get to see you again soon so we could kiss as if we're in a shoujo anime
OK im gonna leave this here now bye ♥

--love, abby/leonie[hale]


♥ {13.07.13} ♥


Quietly Loud
Silver Yakuza

hello hi my name is spencer[hale]
and shamsa[emery] is my love ok bye

on a slight hiatus due to school.
i'll be very busy. -emery

top 3 wishes.

Song: Twin Skeletons by Fall Out Boy