Those who have known me call me
by nicknames. Either Mindy, Min-min's or Mel and or others
such as Vivi, Wolfy, Pup.
But those friends
I have known for a very long time.
If I don't know you well enough an you call my a
nickname or a pet name, I will be pissed.

I'm 24 on September 26th.
I'm Bi-sexual, Submissive, I love to role play
with my friends. I am now a Single Mother.
Just because I flirt with you doesn't mean I'm
All to interested, but if I am, you will know~

I can run, fly and dance without
Being wrapped up in chains that bound me from
being free.

I'm open about
what I say and how I feel.
If it offends you at any time....
Please STFU an go away.

I absolutely love those I
have on my profile. If you are here you mean a whole hell
of a lot to me. These people
make me smile at any given time,
make me feel better.
There is just nothing I can
do to ever repay their kindness
besides with love an attention.

Fair warning, you hurt them an
I will take action even if told not to.
If I could I would fight to protect them with
my life and my whole heart.


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of light and darkness

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