I'm 24 years old.
Bi-sexual, Submissive.
I do have my daughter who is going to be 3
in November <3

Puppet Master and Panda Loves Rule ALL of My Free Time.

My heart goes to these two only. I trust in them
More than I had and will ever trust in anyone
besides Silvercat. With that being said, don't try
to do things with me.
Not even Role Play.

I'm gunna say this once and only once:
I will drop EVERYTHING for my two next to my avatar.

Yes they mean that much to me, to where I will drop
whatever it is I am doing for them and their time.

There are a very selected few who have a nickname
for and from me and just because they call me
their nicknames doesn't mean you may.
If I don't know you well enough an you
call me by a nickname or a pet name...
I will be pissed.

Those I have here on my profile are amazing.
My Constant friends I had known for
years now, some longer than most.

I absolutely love those I
have on my profile.
There is just nothing I can
do to ever repay their kindness
besides with love an attention.

Fair warning, you hurt them an
I will take action even if told not to.
If I could I would fight to protect them with
my life and my whole heart.

I'm open about what I say and how I feel.
If it offends you at any time....
Please STFU an go away.


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Panda Loves <3

Constant friends through everything



"Masters require order,
or else they would not be masters.
I am a creature of chaos,
chaos has no master or slaves,
there is only you, and there is only me,
and there is only the deeper insanity I bring
that will tear away at your inner lobes!
Leos Shadow

My Two Lovely OC's


Dream Eating
Puppet Master <3