Hello lovely stalkers! You are currently on my profile.
I'm guessing you want to get to know a little about me. So lets get started.
My name is Erin. I'm currently seventeen, I'll be eighteen October 24th.
So buy me presents. I originated from Germany. In present day I live
in America. (Sadly. I want to go back to Germany)
My sexual orientation is pan-sexual. In my own time I like to
read, write, draw, play video games, cosplay, and multiple other things.
I'm a very nice person if your nice to my friends, family, and me. I try my
best to give to people, but please do not beg. That's one way you will
not get gold or/and gifts from me. I really think this is it for you knowing how
I am and who I am. If you have any questions just message me. Thank you!

Erin | 17 | 10/24 | Female | German

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Also you should gift me.

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