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Gender: Male

Location: Germany

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Name: Rory
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: 21
SO: Pretty Gay
Ethnicity: American Mutt
Current Residence: Germany - Thüringen
Marital Status: Married to Lionel
Languages: English & German

Yes I rp! I prefer male pairings but I'm fine with others too. No kiddie rps (18+ please), I like realtionships in rps but also violence/blood/gore in my rpgs, no 100% romance rps, they get a little boring after awhile. If your interested note me : )

Don't ask me for requests please or commissions via gaia gold payment, I do free art for my close friends and commissions via PayPal only.

Fandoms I'm into: Fallout New Vegas, Infamous Second Son, Prototype, Bioshock Infinite, Assassins Creed, Doctor Who (till 11th Doctor), Over The Garden Wall, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Tf2, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Off, Metalocalypse, Pokemon, Zelda, Minecraft, L4D, Supernatural and Portal 2.

Other Stuff I like: 50s Style & Music, Rockabilly, Greasers, Elvis Presley ~,Quartet Singers, Vintage clothing and music (Swing),The Chordettes, Caravan Palace, The Baseballs, The Firebirds, fitted suits, bowties, ties, formal shoes, chucks (red/black/ pastel blue or mint coloured), fitted/skinny jeans, leather jackets, varsity jackets, blood & gore, Horror~, nsfw stuff ôvô, butts, handsome classy men, cold weather, the night, Steampunk stuff, Medieval stuff, Chaphop, retro/diner patterns/accessories, deer, anthro characters, The UK, Ireland, accents and the list goes on.


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