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Gender: Male

Location: Germany

Birthday: 09/15/1993

Occupation: Digital Artist

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Rory | Male ♂ | 23 | Homosexual | Married
- An American living in Germany.
- Du kannst auf Englisch order Deutsch mit mir reden!

- Yes I accept random friend requests, just add me!
- No, I don't do art requests or cheap gaia gold commissions, please don't ask.
- Try not to take me so seriously, I joke around a lot and can be a bit sassy.
If I go too far though with the jokes please don't be afraid to tell me!
- Yes I rp! Feel free to note me anytime. I prefer Story Driven 18+ or PG13 rpgs.
- I can rp anywhere pretty much, suggest me websites or we can rp on here, I'm also on Skype!

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>Childhood buddies, I'm glad you guys chose to stick around me
regardless of how complicated and odd I am :,). You guys rock!

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Deviantart | Tumblr(1) | Tumblr(2) | Furaffinity | Weasyl |

Ask me for my Skype! The rest of the websites I'm on
should be listed on my DeviantART (about) link/button.

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