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Gender: Male

Location: Germany

Birthday: 09/15

Occupation: Digital Art



Name: Rory
Gender/Sex: Male ♂
Age: 21
SO: Homoflexible
Ethnicity: American Mutt
Current Residence: Germany
Marital Status: Married to Lionel
Languages: English & German

Egalitarian | Pro Choice | Anti-SJW Extremism
Anti-Religious Extremism | Atheist-Spiritual(Tollerant)

I like: 50s Style/Life/Music, Rockabilly, Elvis Presley, greasers, vintage-classy clothing and music (20s-40s), Steampunk music/style, Medieval music/style, handsome tall men or men my height at least ~(which is damn short, I dislike my height but if he's short and muscular, I'm interested êvê I like manly men), deer, video games, fitted-slim fit suits/bowties/ties/dress shoes, varsity jackets, leather jackets motorbikes, vespas, butts B), nsfw stuff, gore/horror~, Ireland, Great Britian, Generally the whole UK.

Yes I rp! Preferably malexmale but other genders are fine too. Humanoid/Anthro/Feral I rp any kind of character. 18+ no kiddie rps I like violence/blood etc. ! I can rp via notes or we can take it to emails or some other website I don't care, suggest me some, I'm always on Deviantart and Skype.


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