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Worst possible day
Left. Cold and sad. They're gone. Why?
What did I do wrong?
---written by : Laertes Ursus

Last Words
The sound of it cracking.
Glass shattering, broken on the floor.
My reflection, it haunts me of what used to be.
The days when we were to be, they've slipped away from me.
The blood pumps through my veins, yet I do not feel alive.
I am broken, forever scarred by this strife.
Bring me back, back to life.
You've broken my ability to be all right.
Will I ever be okay?
Will I ever fly away?
To be free, this is all I ask.
Release me now, I hate this mask.
My life's not real, it's all a fake.
I bring my life to an end, with this stake.
Can't you save me, before it's too late?
My life it's ending, because of your mistake.
Leaving me like this, it's causing a break.
My love it's broken, just like my fate

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