A little about us both

(Background is drawn by me. Please do not redistribute it in anyway. Thanks!)

About Nami
Located: Ontario, Canada
Name: Emelie but I'd rather you stick to Nami.
Birthday: February 24th, 1991
Height: 4'11"
Martial Status: Engaged to Draketh (his Gaia name is Eathera =P.)
My Family here on Gaia: Nerpin
- A young woman with a passion for the art world. Enjoys to draw, paint and work with pastels. This young lady also does other arts like singing.
Enjoys sometimes using her abilities in literature and enjoys a good RP.

my art site is http://wolfemo.deviantart.com
<b>B/C Shops I Work For</b>: Forest Hymn(Shop Owner/Full Time Colourist), Fire Bringer(FT Colourist)
<b> B/C Shops I have worked for</b>: Sideris(Long and Hard => wink , Fallen Stars(For a brief), The Fox Hole(For a brief), Akoikanthus(I think it's around?)

Abit about Vistada
Name: Vistada Talem
Birthday: January 28th, 1989
Height: 6'2.5"
Species: Wolven Blessed Saint/So-Saint(Personal Species)
Job: Doctor, Nurse and Tai Kwon Doe Sensei
Hobbies: Reading, Training, and Spoiling Krysania
Martial Status: Married
Siblings: Eathera(Older Brother), Raiden(deceased;Twin), and their eldest sibling(a Sister)
Fiance: Krysania
Other Family members: Crone Talem and Loren Talem(uncle and aunt), their children, Aidellu Enchant(aunt), Vendetto Talem(Father;Dead to Visty and Eath), Authora Enchant-Talem(Mother;Deceased), Eldinir(Brother-In-Law)