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Visforviolet's avatar

Last Login: 08/27/2016 12:49 pm

Registered: 12/19/2007

Gender: Female


-About Me-

Hello and welcome to my profile.
You can call me Violet~.
I am 24 and enjoy trying to learn the Japanese language.

I like circus/jester items and avatars.
I collect crowns, monochrome, and pink items.
I am somewhat of an artist.

I love making beautiful, even cluttered avatars. You can sometimes find me in the AT forum.

Going to school this fall for an English teaching degree.

Leave me a comment?

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Riyara Report | 08/23/2016 5:20 pm
Thank you very much! I really like yours!
Master_Yumiee Report | 08/22/2016 2:29 pm
Omg thank you so mcuh!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying crying crying
I really appreciate it heart heart heart
Your avatar has a really nice touch as well! the colour combination reminds me of cotton candy emotion_kirakira
And i'm just curious but how did you find me? ^^
kween of the gas station Report | 08/20/2016 4:24 pm
kween of the gas station

omg your av is the bomb!!
Cat Dee Bo Report | 08/10/2016 12:07 pm
Cat Dee Bo
Someone had gifted the octopus tentacles to me a long time ago and I just thought they were so awesome that I needed to make something with them!
I actually had them for a couple years before they started doing the pink/white recolors of all the sea/underwater items so that I could finally come up with something!
I'm glad you like it smile
Cat Dee Bo Report | 08/10/2016 11:37 am
Cat Dee Bo
Thank you darlin!

This is one of my favorites that I've made. I'm a sucker for the pink and white as well, tit's practically all I own in items c:
Ultima Amaterasu Report | 08/09/2016 7:08 am
Ultima Amaterasu
Do you have dedicated spica in your inventory?
Yuki the Meddler Report | 07/31/2016 8:42 pm
Yuki the Meddler
Wow good luck!! I will keep you in my thoughts, my friend. Sure you can pm me the hair, I love talking hair color, you know that!
Yuki the Meddler Report | 07/31/2016 10:02 am
Yuki the Meddler
How many classes did you wind up taking? You're all ready! What color are you thinking of dying your hair. Mine is blue right now, with roots. Yuck! D:
Yuki the Meddler Report | 07/30/2016 8:01 pm
Yuki the Meddler
Oooooh girl, I need to know what that eye item is you're wearing! =D
Post Coital Cookie Report | 07/25/2016 6:50 pm
Post Coital Cookie
very late reply, but thank you much fer the compliment. it was my entry fer the planetary runway way back when.