I'm Ciara - a wife, a mother and a university student.
I'm studying to become a teacher.
I live in England with my family, younger siblings, and assorted pets.
Life is good right now.


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moonlight_peach12 Report | 11/08/2012 9:20 am
Your welcome I felt that you deserved the tip because you seem very intellectual and a kind person as well. I hope you have a very nice day 4laugh
Uze Report | 11/06/2012 7:47 am
You know, it was my pleasure. Your post was very moving. Just through that post, you come across as a truly exemplary human being living in the U.S. I wish you good fortune in your life, and I believe karma will make sure it happens.
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/18/2011 6:19 pm
Sorry I'm answering so late. I just realized you commented back because stupid Gaia decided to not show me a notification sayin' you answered me back. emotion_facepalm But yes, I understand you completely. I'm sick of the homophobs...and the racism. classified_fu I had a teacher in High school my Freshman year (when Diondre and I literally just started dating) and she said "You shouldn't be dating a black guy." I asked why and her reply: "Because you're white." emotion_eyebrow As you can imagine, I went off on her explaining how regardless of skin clor, you're still a human being. She was all pissy and tried makin' my life miserable, so after two weeks, I got my class switched to a different teacher. This World is a very ignorant place.
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/10/2011 5:49 pm
stare ...Wow. That's pathetic. My children can pick whatever toys they want as long as I can afford and it's appropriate for their age level. neutral Some parents are truly mind blowing. My infant niece loved playing with my little brother's fire truck. All I did was watch her because it had small parts, but I didn't take it away from her.
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/10/2011 2:30 pm
Awww. heart Tell them I said happy birthday. 3nodding How did some of the parents get on your nerves, if you don't mind me asking? surprised
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/10/2011 7:00 am
All we can do is keep trying. And keep moving. What I do to get my mind off of things is to do things I enjoy, like playing old Pokemon games. xd It's like I'm reliving the few precious good times of my childhood. heart
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/09/2011 4:21 pm
Eh, I'll be fine. I forgot I had to help out at the Daycare today. gonk Didn't really improve things... xp I'll keep you in my thoughts. I hope your pregnancy runs smoothly.
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/09/2011 4:21 am
Oh... ;( I hope you're okay. I'm very depressed. Melodia left yesterday...and it's just so hard to find anything to smile about. My man is the only one who got me happy yesterday after she left. I took care of her for a little over two months so I guess it's understandable, but I feel like I'm falling apart.
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/08/2011 10:06 am
I'm sorry. sad I hope everything goes well. My sister's here and my niece is leaving with her tonight. gonk I'mma miss her... crying
Craven Sapphire Report | 09/07/2011 4:25 pm
Soooo happy. My 24 year old friend got a surprise pregnancy and has an infant son about 8 months, she's 18 weeks pregnant and this is her last child before she gets her tubes tied and really wanted a little girl. And she found out she is havin a girl. I'm so happy for her. heart