Evelyn Tesla dAuxperrie
Captain Nielrot
Whispers of Whimper
Trixy Kazamata
Violet Joy Risner


Your the best serena its soo cool thanx

My favorite breed of dog

My mother Eve, she is the probably one of the most caring people i have even met and she is one of the reasons I am still alive love you mom <3Ps. If you hurt her I kill you ^^

My gaia dad Niel, I don't know if you can tell but he is a pirate and the best pirate you will ever meet ^^ He is the best guy I have ever met (sorry damo). That's why he is perfect for my mother love ya daddy ^^

Damo, he isn't my gaia anything but he is one of my best friends and we have been through a lot together. I Know this guy always has my back and I will always believe that ^^.

Trixy, again not related to her in anyway but one of my good friends she is very kind but she can be feisty so don't make her mad xD she might not know it but she has also helped me through a lot.

Last but not least is Hope, I'm just going to call her hope because by the time you see this she probably has changed her username she does that a lot. Anyway she is one of my best friends we went awhile with out talking and I hated it we weren't mad at echother but we just didn't hang out much. She has been through a lot and I better not catch you picking her but you will get it >:(

Those Five people mean the world to me. Their some of the last friends I have and I don't know what id do without them. So if you want to mess with me go ahead but these guys will have my back and if there not there when you are messing you me they will find you ^^. So if you hurt any of them once again I will kill you. Have a nice day ^^