elestique Ɣilorael legane

Eyes of Alexandrite, Veins of Opal
Clothed in Opulence, Hardened through Perseverance
Beauty most Transcendent, Knowledge surpassing Gods of Old
A Birthright to Claim, An Empire to Revolutionize

*In depth Journal Bio will be released soon whenever I feel like finishing it, along with personal guidelines.*


Woman Behind The Words

Mid Twenties
Reserved & Withdrawn

If I Don't Deal With You, Kindly Stay Off My Profile.
If You Aren't A POS, Then Maybe We Can Get To Know Each Other.


I care deeply for a select few. I appreciate & want the best for them in
everything they set their mind to do and I will go to bat for them in a heartbeat.
They know who they are.

If we have fallen out in the past or you've done me wrong,
do not speak to me. If you start anything with me,
I will finish it.

If I've done you wrong & acknowledged that I have, again, I do apologize.
Accept it? Great! Just keep it civil.
Still vexed? Well, that's on you, boo.