x_____//take me for what I am.

There was a girl
That tasted like oranges
A boy who tasted of strawberries
They both sparkled like champagne
And were very much in love
Problems arose when
Truth came into play
His mouth was
A ripped slit of flesh
The sting of citrus
Was too painful for him to handle
And she preferred
The taste of rain
Sweet sadness came to them
As they rotted away
- Yaquel Visain

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It's me.
As an avi. :D

So. About me. Psht, whatever you folks make up is probably more interesting than anything I could tell you about myself~
But, anyway.

? Mi nombre: Crystan Li.
? Age: 22, babe.
? Height: Tall enough for the big kid rides. 8]
? Status: Taken.
? Passion: Languages of all kinds.
? Other minor obsessions: Feminism. Theology. The intersection thereof. Social justice. You.