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Hullo there. I'm Ashley. xD Come up with a nickname for me. I love them. I'm pretty old, if twenty-two can be considered old. I'm a very picky and precise person. Everything has to be just right for me to be happy. I'm pretty good at reading emotions, though I tend to over assume and get thing totally wrong. I tend to get overwhelmed really easily. It's a bad habit of mine. I'm a relatively easy person to be around. I like to think that I'm an interesting person .Though, that could probably be better determined by you. My conversations tend to go in a thousand directions so if you can keep up with that then we'll be best friend. I'm honestly not really good at making friends. For some reason people lose interest and can't keep up with me, then they leave. Ha. It's actually a pretty common thing. Anywhoozle. I'm really bad at these explaining myself things. You can message me or comment me if you'd like. I don't bite much. ;3

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