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Daughters of Darkness



Samuel Morgan, was a scientist and medical researcher who moved from Arizona to work for Umbrella in Raccoon City. Umbrella (well, more specifically, Ozwel E. Spencer) took particular interest in his research on Virology; therefore, he was employed on the spot. Shortly after, he met Carla May Hullender, a simple clerk; the two fell in love, wedded and on December 5th, 1968, Alexandria Leah Morgan was born in Raccoon City’s Municipal Hospital.
Growing up, Alexandria was gifted with above-average intelligence and an interest in medicine and science. Her father saw that she was gifted and used it to its full advantage; she received the highest education possible and for the few years that she had lived with her parents, studying with a private tutor in the many areas of Art, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, Psychology and even Latin.
When Alexandria was only eight years of age, her parents had suddenly disappeared with no clue as to where they could be found. Upon the disappearance of her parents, the Law decided that Spencer would be her legal guardian and she was soon adopted as his own; they figured he’d be most suitable since Samuel had close ties to him. What Spencer did not expect was the impact this girl would have over him. She is one of the few people he had ever shown kindness and comfort around. And in return, Spencer gave her the knowledge and power of Umbrella.
By the age of 19, Alex, a name she chose to go by, officially joined Umbrella as a researcher. She was placed into the research team of Albert Wesker and William Birkin. She became one of the most brilliant researchers in Raccoon City, causing not only a rivalry between herself and Birkin, but going as far as impressing Wesker. Alex came onto the impression that he was just developing a ‘crush’ on her, which eventually led into a romantic relationship with him. That was until the year of 1990 that Alex began to make hidden plans to leave. The cause of her quick and secretive parting from Umbrella was Wesker’s unborn child inside her. Alex wanted nothing more than to have a family, one without the dangers of their research. On May 21st, Alex delivered a baby girl named Adabelle Babette Wesker. Unfortunately for Alex, the child suffered from a pre-mature heart which caused Adabelle to die days after her birth. Alex was never introduced to the child.
Three years had passed since the death of Adabelle. Alex had stayed with Umbrella, but she became moody, sensitive, and unfocused. She didn’t put effort into her work anymore. Spencer considered her a lost, just another tool that had lost its purpose. Fortunately for her, an offer was proposed to him months before his decision to ‘discard’ her; additional funding would be given to him if he transferred Alex to Rockfort Island. By the fall of 1996, Spencer had Alex transferred without any discussion on the matter. By November of 1998, the news of Raccoon City’s demise had spread to her. She mourned for days over the lose of Wesker and others she was fond of. At this point, she blamed Umbrella for everything and wanted nothing more than to ruin them. Her view on the world did a complete turn around.
In December of 1998, Rockfort Island was attacked. The T-Virus had been released while Alex had been inside the Ashford mansion with her employer, Alfred Ashford. It wasn’t long before he showed to be a highly unstable, attacking on everyone, enemies and allies alike. Alex managed to escape him, only to collide with Steve Burnside, a detainee on the island. Steve blamed her, recognizing her at once as an employee of Rockfort, for the death of his mother and tried to kill her. He only stopped when a horde of undead interrupted him, causing them both to flee. Alex fought her way threw the crowds of the undead covering every inch of the island and encountered a very alive Wesker. He revealed that he was the one who had attacked the island and injected her with a virus, the Progenitor virus he had injected into himself. His reasoning for it is still unknown.
He, soon, revealed the inhuman abilities he had gained, causing Alex to flee in fear end up in the care of Chris Redfield. Redfield and Alex escaped the island to the Antarctic Base. Upon finding a surveillance room on the base, Redfield leaves Alex there with an earpiece for communication. After his departure, Wesker finds Alex and kills. Several minutes later, Alex awakes, possessing the inhuman abilities Wesker possessed. She immediantly seeked and found Redfield. Alex, Redfield, and Wesker confront a tyrant Alexia. Overwhelmed by her strength, Wesker escapes with Alex following him. Alex confronted Wesker, who was seemingly surprised to see her alive. They battled out for a short period, but then Wesker fled. Alex and Redfield meet again, and find Wesker taking Claire hostage. Redfield convinces Wesker to release Claire, who then runs to the plane to wait for her brother. Alex, prepare for a fight, tries to stay, but Redfield convinces her that she wouldn’t be able to kill him due to the feelings she has for Wesker. So, Alex followed Claire to the plane. Soon, Redfield reunites with Claire and Alex. They all set off just as the whole facility blows up. As they fly off, Redfield swears they will take down Umbrella. Alex chimes in with a,”Hell yeah!”
After the events of Antarctica, Redfield formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, the B.S.A.A. Alex, putting on a ‘human’ facade, joined and worked along side Redfield and Jill Valentine, a survivor of the Raccoon City Outbreak. In 2007, Alex Morgan was sent on a simple ‘sweeper mission’, go to the location, eliminate all hostiles, and save any hostages, in a secluded island off the coast of Central America. Upon arriving to her destination, she met a young, raven-haired man, Dean Maverick. The two worked together, picking off hostile B.O.W., that Maverick referred to as “Demonio” (or more commonly known as “Majini”), as they ventured into the island. Soon, they, unintentionally, arrived at what Maverick identified as an abandoned Umbrella facility. They entered the facility, assuming that it was where the Demonio were coming from. It was there that Alex, once again, encountered Albert Wesker and, along with him, her “dead” child, Adabelle. This was her first encounter with her own daughter.
Maverick had betrayed Alex, leading her into a trap formed by Wesker. Albert injected Adabelle with a sample of the t-Veronica virus that he had captured from the body of Steve Burnside, the detainee that Alex had encountered on Rockfort. She mutated and was then used against Alex, like a weapon. Sometime during the battle, Adabelle managed to regain control of herself. She turned against Wesker, attacking him after Alex had trapped the two of them inside a large containment area. Wesker killed Adabelle, breaking her neck, before Alex could manage to save her. Alex, seeing that it was far too late to save her daughter, escaped from the facility. She, soon, escaped the island with the unexpected help of Maverick, who felt betrayed by Wesker after Adabelle’s death; he had been very close to girl. They both fled via helicopter.
Upon returning to America, Alex went A.W.O.L.
Two years passed when the word of Wesker’s death reached Alex’s ears. It wasn’t as she had expected. She had expected relief, to be over-joyed over the death of the man who had caused her so much misery. Instead, she felt grief, for she had once loved him. In hopes of finding the happiness and relief, Alex returned to the B.S.A.A. and found the location of where Wesker’s death took place. She ventured to Kijuju and into the monumental volcano. Though there was no corpse, Alex had felt the relief she had been hoping for as she found a small trophy, Wesker’s Samurai Edge. She kept it, feeling that she finally had something over him after all these years, even if was a simple as his gun.
Alex returned to being a full time agent of the B.S.A.A., as well as creating her own independent research group, consisting of four unique individuals; Dean Maverick, Manuela Hidalgo, Craig Boone, and, her long lost and very alive rival-turned-acquaintance, William Birkin. Their goal was to get to the core of the viruses, learn everything about each one and find every weakness in hope to make, not a cure, but a virus to counter viruses. Thus, they referred to themselves as ‘The Core’. Unfortunately, the group ended up going their separate ways, leaving Alex to continue the research on her own.
At the age of 44, Alex met a unique individual by the name of Leon S. Kennedy. She had heard of Kennedy through stories of the Raccoon City Outbreak, as well as his presences in Spain and South America. But, what interested Alex the most, was his unfazed reaction when it was revealed that Alex was an infectee of the Progenitor virus. He accepted her, even for what she was, it wasn’t long before the two became friends. Upon becoming friends, Leon [re]introduced her to two of his closest friends; Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside. Fortunately for her, Burnside had no memory of their encounter on Rockfort.
Soon after, Alex left the B.S.A.A. and became romantically involved with Kennedy, Alex finally feeling freedom of, not just Umbrella’s hold on her, but Wesker’s as well. It was long until sealed the deal and wedded. Alex, eventually, joined up with the B.S.A.A.’s sister organization, B.U.I.C. (B.O.W.s Used In Combat), though her wariness with the organization became too great and she left soon after, seeking better use of herself.
Alex, then, pursued a musical career, hoping to spread messages of hope through song as well as expressing her love for music. She formed a small group with her long lost half-brother, Matt, and their C-Virus friend, Jamie. The band lasted a month before the idea was tossed.
Alex and Kennedy have, since, divorced, and Alex became romantically involved with Burnside. Though the relationship ended on, somewhat, bad terms, Alex still resides with Burnside and some other friends in an apartment owned by the Government’s F.O.S.
In this version of Alex, the virus has eaten away at essential parts of her mind, taking whatever humanity she had left in her. She is now malicious towards those she used to care about and uncaring of what she does. Alex has shown to be more manipulative, selfish, intelligent, and empowering all with a seemingly detached cruelty. She has no certain goal in mind, no world domination or goals of destroying humanity. All she seems to want is vengeance.



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David Jude Redfield Report | 06/23/2015 7:48 am
David ordered her and looks at her "Give me the anitdote i need to get rid of this damn virus in my body." He ordered her as he picks her up and lays on the table "Please get this thing out of me. I have lived my life with this progenitor virus in my body." He orders her to do so "I ask of you."
David Jude Redfield Report | 08/26/2014 4:52 pm
David looks at her and walks forward slowly and slowly puts his gun away and grabs his cuffs out and steps behind her and applies the first cuff and applies the second hand cuff making both tight and tries his radio again and bangs it a few times with his hand "Come on damn thing." David only hears static coming from it and looks back to the lady "Morgan is it? Where is the jamming device?"
David Jude Redfield Report | 08/25/2014 7:02 pm
David looks at the female and nods "Well then i do wish you the best of luck and i know i am made by your fellow workers." David looks at the lady i remember seeing you and albert wesker and other people "I do want to see what you really want from my body cause i know the serum is in me. So lets see who you know where to get it from." David looks at the lady "Perhaps you want to do it." David ready to fire and fires past your ear "That is a warning."
David Jude Redfield Report | 08/25/2014 4:41 pm
David looks at the woman and aims his revolver back at her "What serum? I don't have any serum you talk about." David looks back at her and has his finger on the trigger ready to fire "Tell me who are you?" David looks at her and sees the coat and smirks at the patch "You a umbrella employee? Unless you want to be taken into custody?" David looks at her his revolver aimed at her "Be guest punk."
David Jude Redfield Report | 08/25/2014 4:03 pm
David walks around a long abandoned umbrella research facility still trying to figure out what made him and why did umbrella pick him as a test subject for the t-virus "Where are the files at?" David looks around and tries to radio in on his government issued radio and nothing comes of it
Vindictive She-Devil Report | 05/31/2014 5:05 pm
Comments are for Roleplays and Roleplay-Related things.
If its personal, OOC chit-chat, or Private/Text-Message Roleplays, please leave me a PM.
Just trying to sort things out a bit. ^w^

That Immanis Vulpi Report | 02/09/2014 5:16 pm
"Pft, why would you ask me? I mean, it's been a bit since I've played... annnnd I'm not that good or anything-- At least not that good enough to join you, y'know? Heh."
That Immanis Vulpi Report | 02/09/2014 5:13 pm
"Sure, Alex. Why the ******** not?"
That Immanis Vulpi Report | 02/09/2014 5:08 pm
"You're very welcome."
That Immanis Vulpi Report | 02/09/2014 4:55 pm
"Nice tits."