~My General Character~
~V is a Vampire of High Rank~
~Elder of the Hellbond Clan~
He is a man eater, He is a charmer and has a silver tongue able to talk his way into, and out of nearly anything. His fighting style is a combination of super human strength agility counter attacks and flight. he walks like a fashion model, but runs like he is on speed. He is normally found in a large manor owned by him, which he uses as a fort/bunker in the case of attackers. He is blood thirsty when angry. He has a weakness for women. He loves to have fun when he isn't working on some treaty or plotting some evil thing. He parties alot, but he is well read. In his immortal years he has gained much experiance in pleasure, fun, evil and battle. and he encourages all four.~

the REAL me. "or as close to it as i can get."
my name is ____.
i am 20 years old
i am 5'10 inches tall
i am skinny and pale-ish
my hair is black
my eyes are....creepy (from green to grey depending on...idk)
i have an obsession with women cigarettes cartoons books computers skittles and stalkers. (stalk me i dare you)
i am perverted .
i keep my friends secrets well.
i am always willing to listen and give advice.
i smoke.
there are special actions that incite certain reactions from me that normally people would not see.
i have been on gaia for 9 years maybe more.~i stopped counting~
i have one great vice, women.
they are my weakness
i am bisexual but morely preffure women.
~things that i like listed below~
red wine.
good books.
random love making.
pissing people in authority off.
good music.
women women
women women women
women women women women
did i mention women?
i like making lists
i like reading history books
ramen noodles
alice in wonderland
when women think about me.
strange stuff (really really freaky s**t. Like solar bears.)0-0
married women ;D ~that's right i said it~

~~~~~~~My symbolic desires~~~~~~~~~~

when two people smoke together
hanging out under bridges
when someone sneaks up behind me and wraps me in a hug around my waist.
sneaking around at night.
doing something totally stupid with my friends.
laughing untill i cry from pain
shouting obscene words into crowded areas
doing nothing with someone special
when women like "both"
when i get to go a**l. ~i love cleaning my house~
when a women seems to respectable for me.
classy ladies.
when people have lighters.
when people take the time to read my lists.


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Cool profile dude razz
iThe Alchemyst

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iThe Alchemyst

great avi!

LOVE your section ' about me'

too cute.
Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor

True, I'll leave you be
Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor

Looks like Vincent has made his return hahaha

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Empress Brita DeRenard

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Empress Brita DeRenard

next time you are on, hit me up. Good news in regards to the family.
Cross L Hariko MK2

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Cross L Hariko MK2

Wow mobile gaia is retarded.
Cross L Hariko MK2

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Cross L Hariko MK2

Cross L Hariko MK2

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Cross L Hariko MK2

Empress Brita DeRenard

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Empress Brita DeRenard

i'm just commenting to pass time. Carry on.


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