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[color=#777]All endings are also beginnings.[/color]
[color=#777]We just don't know it at the time.[/color]

Hey my user name is Vile Dreams,
There is nothing special about me.
I have friends and a ok life.
You might want to know if I'm single or not.
I think i can be helpful to this world but i can also think im going to be stuck in the streets.
I like drawing and i believe i can make a book and songs but for books i cant clearly write what im thinking and for songs i have an ugly voice.
Some days i can be moody.
I some times think about issues about the world.
i hate the news. its too depressing.
i have no tolerance for rude people.

if you want to message me go right ahead.

i might seem mean and cold and all that but i would like to talk to anyone.
If you want read some good things just message me.

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my failed attempt of a chibi

this background is the only one i thought was cool looking because it look artistic but not to much. i like simplicity.